XCMG Collaborates in World's First "Smart Zero-Carbon" Port Terminal in Tianjin, Now in Official Operation

2021-11-25 14:17 1524

TIANJIN, China, Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The intelligent container terminal in Section C of the Beijiang Area of Tianjin Port jointly built by XCMG (SHE:000425), Huawei and other companies, was officially put into operation on October 17, 2021. As an integral part of the intelligent horizontal transportation system, XCMG's pure electric offset port tractor XPT70E and the ART AI transportation robot which was jointly developed with Tianjin Port Group, will provide unmanned, intelligent and electric logistics services in the world's first smart zero-carbon port terminal.

"Unmanned, intelligent and electric ports are the future development trend of the industry. XCMG has always attached great importance to constructing smart ports and actively integrated our cutting-edge technological resources and capabilities to continuously create value for our customers in the global port industry," noted Wang Min, chairman and CEO of XCMG.

To ensure the smooth construction of the project, XCMG put together a team of technical experts, project managers and on-site operators, who've spent three years braving the roasting summers and freezing winters to complete testing of ART's chassis performance, self-driving system, alignment joint testing and real ship operation. Compared to the conventional AGV used in conventional automated ports, the ART can save costs by at least 30 percent. 

The unmanned driving technology adopts natural navigation so requires no extra infrastructure construction and additional investment. The L4 autopilot brain can effectively realize full-process interaction with equipment including quay cranes, lock stations and automatic charging piles.

The XPT70E pure electric offset port tractor is suitable for cargo transportation in port storage yards. Its highlights include high starting torque, high speed regulation accuracy, high system efficiency and energy conservation. The "offset cockpit" design provides a wider operation view and its 4x2 pure electric drive mode can run a single machine with an empty container while dual motors handle heavy cargo, which not only saves more energy but also adapts to complex working conditions.

In addition, the XPT70E's interconnection function can monitor the vehicle's position, speed, environment temperature, battery, motor information and fault alert in real time and supports access to the port's management system to improve scheduling and operation efficiency.

"XCMG's port machinery products including pure electric reach stackers, stackers, heavy forklifts and unmanned horizontal transportation robots are providing integrated, green and intelligent solutions for different port application scenarios, meeting the industry's rapid development and demand for high-end products," said Wang Min. "They not only showcase XCMG's strength in the port machinery sector, but also offer new opportunities for providing smart ports with comprehensive and intelligent logistics solutions."

Source: XCMG
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