Xi'an Announces New Nighttime Tourism Initiative 30 Nighttime Tour Routes to Be Introduced

XI'AN, China, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Xi'an, the 3,100 year-old ancient capital city of China's Shaanxi province known for its Terracotta Warriors and Horses, launched its Night Tour Program ("The scheme") this week, creating a new highlight for tourists in the city. The program will introduce 30 nighttime tour routes through throughout the city by 2020 and is expected to raise retail sales revenue by more than CNY 50 billion.

Xi'an Announces New Nighttime Tourism Initiative: 30 Nighttime Tour Routes to Be Introduced
Xi'an Announces New Nighttime Tourism Initiative: 30 Nighttime Tour Routes to Be Introduced

Kang Lifeng, deputy director of Xi'an Department of Culture and Tourism, noted: "The newly-offered night tour scheme has covered every aspect of city tourism to enable an all-in-one experience from sightseeing at night to performances, catering and shopping. We hope the new program will encourage visitors and our residents to share the vitality of our city."

The City Wall together with the Stele Forest, a themed museum focusing on displays of stone steles, epigraphs and stone sculptures from past dynasties, will extend their opening hours. The sites forming part of the Ming dynasties fortifications of Xi'an will also be integrated into the new route, bringing a unique experience to visitors and restoring the vitality of the ancient and prosperous city.

Apart from signature modern song and dance performances such as the South Gate Welcoming Ceremony, Everlasting Regret Performance and Tang Style Dancing, the city will also introduce local operatic Qin cavity performances, shadow puppetry and ancient-style concerts. Cultural experiences will also differ between seasons as the performance will blend modern developments with local culture and tradition across the seasons.

The city will also invite visitors to take part in various cultural experience projects including nearly 100-night markets by the end of 2020 as part of its nightlife route. Decorated lighting on avenues will provide access to visitors of major nighttime activities, including local hawker stalls, gift shops and night markets.

The city will also increase and improve transportation in the metropolis by increasing evening bus services, extending operation times based on capacity and passenger flow, introducing online taxi services and training to taxi drivers. The Government will also step-up plans to enhance outdoor hiking trails, slow lanes and public fitness areas for residents and visitors.

"The night tour scheme echoes the city's 'Pan-Travel' strategy, which aims to expand the tourism industry chain in Xi'an and increase economic returns," added Kang Lifeng.

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The capital of China's western Shaanxi province, Xi'an is an international tourist destination with over 3,000 years of history and world-renowned attractions such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and its ancient City Wall. The city, dubbed "China's outdoor museum," was the starting point of the Silk Road, an old network of trade routes established during China's Han Dynasty that linked the East and the West in commerce.

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Source: Xi'an Municipal Government