Xinhua Silk Road: 2023 China (Shenyang) Rowing Development Index released in China's rowing capital

BEIJING, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 2023 China (Shenyang) Rowing Development Index was released Tuesday in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, indicating the improving development level of Shenyang's rowing sport and showing the city brand image as the "rowing capital" to the world.

2023 China (Shenyang) Rowing Development Index released in China's rowing capital
2023 China (Shenyang) Rowing Development Index released in China's rowing capital

In recent years, the rowing event in Shenyang has shown a sound development momentum, as the competition system has been nurtured at a faster speed, the participants have been expanded year by year, the brand effect has been initially demonstrated, and the industrial driving capability of the sports event has been enhanced.

The city has achieved the goal of creating the most beautiful track, the greatest event and the best environment for rowing in recent years, said Song Li, director of the Shenyang sports bureau.

At present, Shenyang strives to promote the construction of a 10-kilometer water sports fitness and leisure industrial belt with comprehensive effects in the downtown section of Hunhe River, aiming to increase the effective supply of water sports facilities, accelerate the improvement of infrastructure matching with professional events, and support the construction of ecological and intelligent rowing theme parks.

For six consecutive years, Shenyang International Open Regatta was held in the city, which has not only built a new platform for global sports cooperation and exchange, but also injected new energy into the city's development.

The vitality, power and charm elements contained in Shenyang's city brand image as the "rowing capital" will become an important intangible resource for the great transformation and rebirth of the city, once China's industrial backbone, said Liu Yanping, deputy director and researcher of the City and Competitiveness Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In the future, it's expected to increase the attractiveness of the public, professional athletes, upstream and downstream enterprises, to build a capital of rowing activities, rowing events, rowing industry, and rowing culture, better playing the driving role of "rowing capital" on Shenyang's city brand effect, said Bai Yufei, chairman of the Sports Management Committee of the China Society of Management Science and professor of Beijing Sport University.

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