Xinhua Silk Road: Suzhou, Revitalize the ancient city with industrial upgrade

BEIJING, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, Suzhou City in east China's Jiangsu Province is not only a historical and cultural city, but also a manufacturing powerhouse in the Yangtze River Delta. 

Home to the first and the only national historical and cultural city-level protection area in China, Suzhou is now stepping up efforts to build an industrial innovation hub with global influence.

-- Reshape innovation with industrial upgrade

Recently, Suzhou Historical and Cultural Protection Area (Protection Area), Gusu District released the Action Plan for Industrial Development of the Protection Area and Gusu District (2023-2025), which proposed a "1+2" industrial system. The plan aims to further strengthen one pillar industry integrating culture, commerce and tourism, and develop two emerging industries of digital creativity and high-tech service. 

Since the beginning of 2023, the Gusu District have redoubled efforts to promote the integration of culture, commerce and tourism, focusing on new business formats such as the hotel industry and creative culture. 

-- Revitalize the ancient city with new business growth

The grand opening of Xujiang Paradise Walk, the renovation of Suzhou Tower, and the upcoming debut of other large commercial complexes, including Renhengcang Street and Gemdale Plaza, have given a strong boost to the ancient Gusu District. 

By combing the role of scenic spots and commercial districts, Gusu will improve its transportation network, supporting facilities and the commercial layout in a systematic way.

-- Unlock potential of urban space to embrace new development

To protect ancient buildings and old houses and put them to good use, the Gusu District launched "One House, One Policy", an initiative for the protection and renewal of the ancient city, unveiled 26 specific projects, and signed agreements with 12 enterprises. 

Since the start of this year, a total of 13 transactions on space use have been made in the Gusu District, covering 209,000 square meters of land.

"With a focus on contributing Suzhou's wisdom to the protection of ancient cities across the world, we firmly believe that utilization is the best way of protection, and will further develop our time-honored city while protecting it," said Fang Wenbang, Party chief of Gusu District, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee. 

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