YAO Network: A Revolutionary Model for an Unprecedented Success

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SINGAPORE, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A perfect blend between past and present, YAO Network has integrated the latest concept of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) 3.0 with the philosophy of Chinese ancient classic I Ching , to present a revolutionary blockchain model to achieve unprecedented success within the blockchain circle.

YAO Network Technological Ecosystem
YAO Network Technological Ecosystem

YAO Network is built for a vision: to benefit developers and to help enterprises achieve their dreams through a seamless user experience with blockchain technology. This vision grounds the design of YAO Network's infrastructure as the platform seeks to establish a comprehensive computation platform that supports multiple blockchains, computational paradigms and integrated utilities.

Committed to the vision of a decentralized ecosystem, YAO Network understands that technology remains a key factor in determining a platform's efficacy. Keeping in mind the huge scale of existing and future blockchain applications it intends to host on its platform, the YAO Network has specially designed a clear, concise and multi-layered technical infrastructure to support its functionality. The infrastructure consists of the following four layers:

1. Interface Layer

The interface layer is responsible for the interaction between upper layer applications and peripheral applications. It serves as an entry point for upper layer and peripheral applications to call YAO Network services.

2. Service layer

The service layer is tasked with the essential basic services and derivative services on the YAO Network platform. It utilizes basic computation unit design to increase scalability, encourage derivation and enhance the ecosystem. At the same time, the service layer has incorporated components including connecters, controllers, dispatchers, coordinators to complete processing.

3. Network Layer

The network layer is a structure in which multiple chains and protocols interconnect to support data structures and object interaction logics of different blockchains. Such a structure breaks a complex computation platform down by separating each layer of module, significantly reducing the complexity in system design, development and maintenance. This also allows for easy iteration and quicker adaptation to changes with regards to each component.

4. Resource Layer

The resource layer, as its name suggests, provides ample resources to make it more convenient for enterprises and developers to design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications through YAO Network's cloud services platform. Public or private networks are offered to satisfy enterprises and developers who wish to explore the possibilities of the blockchain network and customize their applications according to their audience's needs.

YAO Network's technical infrastructure is solid and supported by various layers to offer advanced and user-friendly technologies and features in secured and efficient public and private blockchains.

Yet, it understands that enterprises and developers need more than a variety of blockchain protocols to succeed in their endeavours. Instead, what is lacking in the market currently is an enterprise-level platform for the development, deployment and management of blockchain applications that support a myriad of blockchain services at the consumers' convenience. Currently, for many enterprises, choosing the right blockchain service out of the array of blockchain technologies available is like a search for a needle in the haystack.

It is an insurmountable challenge and YAO Network seeks to make this process much smoother with its additional service and front end application layer. These layers can seamlessly connect the current information services with existing information service software and systems to multiple blockchain systems.

As such, the YAO Network is capable of managing a protocol network with multiple blockchains and services, and these different blockchains and services can in turn support different operating systems with cooperation throughout various protocols.

Translating the hefty talk above into simpler words, it just means that YAO Network's blockchain service platform can support any industry and any sector as long as they are in need of blockchain services. With the traction blockchain technology has been gaining in the world, there will never be a lack in supply for enterprises looking to streamline their processes with blockchain technology.

What a revolutionary model for an unprecedented success!

About YAO Network

YAO Network is a new generation of public infrastructure platform, working as an ecosystem entry, a computation hub and a service market for blockchain communities. Our goal is to build an open blockchain infrastructure platform, based on which the tech communities and developers can serve the commercial application better, creating triple-win outcomes.

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