"From Renaissance to Landscape Revival" Global Forum Held in Chongming, China

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SHANGHAI, June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "From Renaissance to Landscape Revival" global forum on Daily Development of Aesthetic Design and the launch ceremony of CHINA Shanshui Shijian, was held on June 11th in Chongming, China.

"From Renaissance to Landscape Revival" Global Forum Held in Chongming, China
"From Renaissance to Landscape Revival" Global Forum Held in Chongming, China

Nearly 70 guests, including Professor Vincenzo A. Legnante, dean of School of Architecture at University of Florence, Professor Aldo Cibic, the well-known Italian designer, Javier Jimenez, the director of Lord Cultural Resources and presenter of Soft Power Destinations Awards, Francesca Celi from TOChina Hub at University of Turin, Liu Jianhui, the co-founder/chief designer of Matrix Interior Design, Yang Weijie, the visiting professor of Tongji University, along with executives from Ganglong Group and SUNAC (01918.HK) Shanghai office as well as officials from both Chinese and Italian governments, gathered together to explore the historical evolution and future trends of global art, aesthetics and design in the context of the civilization progress of "from Renaissance to Landscape Revival". In the forum, the development, creation and direction of aesthetics from a global perspective under the times that we currently live are discussed, and the landscape civilization converges with the world-wide aesthetic consensus is reached.

Global Forum on Daily Development of Aesthetic Design -- the Launch Ceremony of CHINA Shanshui Shijian

Nearly 70 guests, including experts and scholars from area of aesthetics and architectural design as well as Shanshui (Landscape) Academy successively arrived at the scene and participated in the Global Forum on Daily Development of Aesthetic Design and Launch Ceremony of CHINA Shanshui Shijian.

Lv Jinliang, the representative of Shanshui Academy, delivered a salutatory oration to on-site guests from all over the world. He proclaimed the cooperation between the Ganglong Group and the Sunac China (01918.HK) to create a pure landscape series of classic masterpieces, "CHINA Shanshui Shijian". Only by way of the extraordinary cooperation between the land and the masters can a habitable and vacationable landscape villa and a human habitation model be created. Moreover, Chinese landscape culture, the treasure that has passed down five thousand years from generation to generation, will certainly draw the attention of the world again.

To resonate with the master, and cognize the landscape together
keynote speaker: Vincenzo A. Legnante 
Dean of School of Architecture of University of Florence
Culture, art, craftsmanship and design: the common destiny for Italy and China

Professor Legnante comes from Florence, the headstream of the Renaissance. As the Dean of School of Architecture of University of Florence, and a renowned design expert, he has a profound understanding of the Renaissance period. "There are only a handful of countries that can claim distinctive and recognizable heritages," he said. "Amongst them, the genres of Italy and China are the most distinctive. Through the course of history, this advantage has manifested itself in product design, architecture and taste."

The ancient Silk Road connected China with ancient Rome over a distance spanning thousands of miles. The Silk Road has served as the connection for the friendship between China and Italy for thousands of years. From art and culture to craft design, from Renaissance to Landscape Revival, Italy and China have shared a common destiny. In the 11th century the Italian merchant developed their trade in the known world began and new geographical relationships opened up, by the aid of the compass invented in China. And nowadays only a few countries have a heritage of objects immediately recognizable for a stylistic reason, among these the Italian and the Chinese taste stand out.

keynote speaker: Aldo Cibic
Famous Italian designer and founder of the Memphis
Humanism and the Culture of Landscape-China and Italy: a common path looking for harmony between man and nature

Nine years ago, Mr. Aldo Cibic had already developed a profound relationship with Chongming Island, Shanghai, China. He interpreted the "landscape beauty" of China, using the culture of landscape in the Renaissance. He expects that the design industries in China and Italy will create more "landscape-based Habitat models" by integrating tradition, new technologies and knowledge community, with the advantage of the Chinese government's One Belt, One Road initiative, and create a new "back to nature" lifestyle and minimalism for his fellow human beings.

In addition, Shen Chendi, the general manager of CHINA Shanshui Shijian project, gave a keynote speech "Landscape Series of China, World-Class Artwork", introducing the Landscape Series of China, the renaissance of humanism in global architecture and the trend of the return to minimalist aesthetics. In response to China's Landscape City strategy, the Landscape Series of China was launched at this historic moment. The launch of the series demonstrates how Chinese architectural works use landscape art as a vehicle to enter the global market, creatively integrating the unrepeatable features of each "landscape" into architectural projects. The series, with unique international and Chinese expressions, rooted in the concept of the metropolis, create great architecture with great ideas that have an impact on the world through landscapes, in an era advocating returning to nature.

Wang Guozhen, a famous Chinese architect, noted in his keynote speech "Build a Landscape, See the Future" that buildings are not only the residence of the body, but a piece of immovable art, a living soul and cultural inheritance. The Landscape Series of China represents the combination of the essence of Chinese architecture within the framework of international styles, with eye-pleasing landscapes and future-oriented design.

Communicating with masters to explore a sustainable and naturally harmonized habitat development model

Cultures and aesthetics extend beyond geographical boundaries. Mr Cui Guo, executive editor of Urban China, hosted a session with the aim of conveying Chinese aesthetics to the world. Under the theme of "landscape, culture and design: China's path towards a sustainable and naturally harmonized habitat development model", Professor Legnante, Professor Aldo Cibic, Mr Javier Jimenez and Mr Liu Jianhui discussed innovations and wisdoms in the designing process, creating new cultural interactions between east and west.

CHINA Shanshui Shijian officially launched

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, a building is a world. When the world focuses on the spirit of landscape and the landscape returns to the origin of artistic conception, the brief sketch inspired by the wisdom of design achieves the climax in the history of the world's architectural aesthetics while coinciding with the contemporary international aesthetics. On that day, a group of people, who are keen on natural landscape, injected new creativity and vitality into the development of the spirit of landscape, and completed a historic cooperation on high-end design.

Representatives of Shanshui Academy - Ganglong Group vice president Lv Jinliang and Shen Chendi of Sunac China (01918.HK) - invited Professor Vincenzo A. Legnante, Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Florence, Professor Aldo Cibic, the well-known Italian designer, one of the founders of Memphis, and Javier Jimenez, director of Lord Cultural Resources, to sign an agreement on Shanshui Academy and International Master Alliance, in order to conduct more in-depth cooperation on human habitation from an international perspective.

CHINA Shanshui Shijian, a world-class aesthetic work on behalf of China, was officially unveiled at the forum. In response to China's Landscape City strategy and leveraging the natural resources in the heart of a city, the project, co-developed by two Chinese property giants, Ganglong Group and Sunac China (01918.HK), is an innovative Chinese-style international architectural artwork that integrates traditional belief in landscape, Oriental aesthetic conception and contemporary minimalist design. CHINA Shanshui Shijian has settled in Dongtan on the island of Chongming and will present a great work to the world.

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