2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair was Held to Boost Innovation and Entrepreneurship Upgrade in China

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GUANGZHOU, China, June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- China is stepping into a new phase in this new age, is deeply implementing innovation-driven strategy, is speeding up building of an innovative state and is continuously promoting "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" to a new level. On Jun 22, 2018, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair was grandly held in Guangzhou with "lead a new leap with innovation and entrepreneurship as a new drive" as the theme.

International, professional and marketing level of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair is continuously improving and is becoming the powerful drive to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in Guangzhou. Guided by Xi Jinping's idea of the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the Guangzhou government firmly practices new development idea, focuses on building of the international technology innovation center, national innovation center and international technology industry innovation center, and makes great efforts to become one of "Top four pioneers in China". It is warmly expected that more innovation and entrepreneurship teams and technology innovation talents develop in Guangzhou and jointly create win-win future.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair has become the important innovation and entrepreneurship platform for gathering of talents, projects and capitals. The China Association of Science and Technology will actively guide more scientific workers to devote themselves to venture booming, establish the cooperative platform for the enterprises, universities and research institutes, drive deep integration and development of the technology and economy, and boost transformation and upgrade of the local economy via the technology.

Municipal leaders of Guangzhou, principals of related national, provincial and municipal departments, domestic and foreign technology groups, universities and scientific research institutes, private scientific research institutes, holders of exhibition of technical achievements or group representatives, representatives of venture capital instutions and innovation and entrepreneurship persons in different industries (total about 650 persons) participate in the launching activities. The fulfillment or trade intentions of 10 innovation and entrepreneurship projects are implemented. The agreement text shall be exchanged in the opening activity. Next, the attending leaders and guests participate in innovation and entrepreneurship achievement exhibitions.

More than 1000 excellent exhibition projects, 20 theme exhibition areas, more than 30 special activities, more than 200 forum presentation guests, more than 100 principals of the venture capital institutions and more than 20 domestic and foreign academician will gather in Guangzhou to exhibit the front trend of the global innovation and entrepreneurship development, share innovation and entrepreneurship breakthrough, discuss new pattern and new path of the innovation and entrepreneurship development, speed up technology and capital connection, continuously enrich China innovation and entrepreneurship intension and continuously inject new drive into sustainable development in China.

Launch a new age for innovation and entrepreneurship via innovation and entrepreneurship upgrade
19th CPC National Congress points out that the innovation is the first drive to guide development and is the strategic support for building of the modern economy system. The governmental report of this year points out to provide the comprehensive and innovation and entrepreneurship service, promote building of "innovation and entrepreneurship" demonstration base, encourage opening of innovative resources of large enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, develop the platform economy and sharing economy, form the innovation and entrepreneurship pattern of online and offline combination, enterprises, universities and institution collaboration, and large-size, medium-size and small-size enterprise integration, and build the "innovation and entrepreneurship" upgrade version. Nowadays the China highlights the technology innovation and strides to build a powerful technology country in the world during the new global technology reform.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair connects China to the world, presence to the future, and the industry to the innovation, so more and more important guests aggregate at the fair in the political industry, commerce industry, enterprise industry and learning industry, the world can perceive new ambience, new vitality and new actions in development of the innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

Hugo Shong (Global Chairman of IDG Capital), Knut Roald Sørlie (commercial counsellor of the embassy of Norway in China), He Xiaopeng (chairman of the board of Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.), Lilyana Abdul Latiff (CEO of Malaysia New Venture Fund), CEO Erling Magnus Solheim (co-founder and CEO of Playpulsel in Norway), Joe Urban (medical CEO of American POTRERO), Pertti Juhani Jalasvirta (CEO of Finland ResQClub), Xuan Shengjun (CEO of Korea Wenwo), Anja Riis Petersen (partner of Denmark Third Dot design company), Boaz Sacks Bio (president in China area of Israel mobileye), Song Anlan (partner of the SBCVC), Xu Zhou (vice president of IDG Asia area), Chen Yuelin (vice general manager of Tongchuang Weiye Asset Management Holding Co., Ltd.), partner of Yingnuo Angel Fund, Li Xiaoli (executive director), global vice president of Qualcomm, Sheng Jin (director and the general manager of Qualcomm innovation and entrepreneurship) and Xu Li (Huagai Capital partner), Hu Wen of Xiaoma Intelligent Travel Operation Chief Operator. They are the global big shots in the industry, are also the promoter and creator of the industry development trend, and is also the participant and witness of the Innovation and entrepreneurship upgrade.

The early road show has been completed and 10 representative projects are signed at the initiation ceremony site, so it creates a high starting point for this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair. 

International fusion: gather global innovation resources
The technology is global and contemporary and a global view is required in development of the technology. If mass flows are not rejected, they can gather in the rivers and ocean. The independent innovation indicates the innovation under an open environment and shall not be performed under the enclosed environment. It shall gather the strengths from different parties.

The global innovation environment and the pattern is deeply experiencing a reform. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair practices the important idea of general secretary Xi Jinping, deepens the international technology exchange and cooperation, promotes independent innovations at a higher starting point, proactively carries out layout, actively utilizes the international innovation resources, makes great efforts to build the win-win partnership, and establishes a platform for gathering global innovative resources in China.

The innovations are beyond the country boundary and the venture has no time difference on the international stage of this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair. This fair involves innovation and entrepreneurship projects from more than 20 countries and regions such as America, Korea, Finland, Norway, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Sweden and New Zealand. With "innovation" as a global language, the dynamic frontier information on the global innovation and entrepreneurships will be exchanged and shared on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair as a global stage in order to build and promote the brand and provide the innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation channel.

The international innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition area is one area which will be built at this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair as a key. This exhibition area includes special area for "belt and road". About 40 international innovation and entrepreneurship projects from more than 20 countries and regions settle on this hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, are attracted by the innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou and are expected to deeply cooperate with more innovation and entrepreneurship partners in Guangzhou and China.

Make dream seeds find realistic soil via innovation and entrepreneurship

The innovation is a close shave, but we shall have the passion of "Although my heart is good and success probability is very low, I never regret". We shall bravely build the innovations, encourage success and tolerate failures in the whole society, so it can provide more extensive space for talents to play their role and display their capabilities and everyone can give full scope to the talents, can be fully used and have their achievements.

Focusing on "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation", the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair not only provides the entrepreneurs with the stage for exhibition of innovations, originalities and creative achievements, but also provides the entrepreneurs with the one-stop consultation, answer and service of innovation and entrepreneurship, talent introduction, project transformation and fulfillment and intellectual properties, creates the connection opportunities for entrepreneurs and capitals and makes the dream seeds find the realistic soil.

The climaxes of the opening ceremony include the final of the global mobile Internet development originality match (MIC) and establishment of the cooperative platform for close negotiation of main risk investment organizations and excellent projects at home and abroad. The domestic and foreign excellent mobile Internet enterprises, especially the mobile application development individuals, teams and enterprises will make great efforts at the site to attract attention from the capitals, big shots of the innovation and entrepreneurship institutions will appraise the road show projects in a sharp, diabolic or humorous manner and mine their unicorn enterprises in future by using these opportunities.

With upgrade of the innovation and entrepreneurships, when more efficient e-government ecological system, more vigorous industry ecological system, more passionate venture ecological system and more charging nature ecological system are increasingly perfecting, the dream seeds shall grow as the towering trees.

Open the road to the future via the high-end guidance

The practices repeatedly tell us that the key and kernel technologies cannot be achieved by asking, buying and begging. With the key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technology, modern engineering technology and subversive technology innovations as the break-through, everyone dares walk on new roads, make efforts to implement the independent and controllable key and kernel technologies and firmly grasp the innovation initiative and development initiative.

Speaker recognition and language detection, biotic lung air purifier, safeguard and routing robot, anti-UAV radar system, intelligent car, electric car and unmanned driving.

This Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair includes 20 exhibition areas. The exhibition area will reach 21000 m2. The key is to display the technology achievements of the strategic emerging industries, including AI, new-generation information technologies, car technology innovation, intelligent health and biological medicine and military and civilian integration. From these cutting-edge innovation technologies, everyone can clearly show that massive original innovation achievements with international influences are driving China to advance from the global large technology country to the global powerful technology country. The innovation forces of the technology in China will display on the global technology stage at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair.

The cutting-edge dialog is built on the theme forum of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair with the future technology summit as the representative in the top leading global speech system. How to stably develop the most advanced and most cutting-edge technology in venture is discussed in the theme "guide new leap with innovation and entrepreneurship as a new drive". The "unicorn enterprise in future" dialog will gather representatives from different countries, share venture experiences and innovation development trend of different countries, and freely talk of the innovation highlights of the enterprises.

The general secretary Xi Jinping points out to independently innovate persistently, strengthen the innovation confidence and make efforts to enhance the independent innovation capabilities. Only the confident countries and nationalities can develop deeply on the road to the future. The countries and nationalities can develop from inside to outside, from quantitative transformation to the qualitative transformation and from following to leading. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair can witness and promote the leap upgrade of the innovation and entrepreneurships in China.

This Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair will last for three days. The theme forums such as AI, information security, virtual reality, innovation development, innovative service, technical finance and biological medicine will be presented wonderfully during next two days. More than 20 theme exhibition areas will be set up. The good shows are continuous, the innovations are endless and the vigor is limitless at 2018 fair, so they will encourage the whole society to actively implement the innovation-driven development strategy and polish the business card of the innovation and entrepreneurships in China.

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