3M (TM) Light String Technology Brightens Growth Market Car from Visteon and 3M at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The headlights, door handles and center stack of Visteon Corporation and 3M’s jointly designed concept demonstration Growth Market Car – a new technology demonstration vehicle – shine brighter than most. That’s due to these areas being highlighted with 3M™ Light String technology – a single-cored fiber for light emitting diode (LED) lights that is used to accentuate vehicle designs by discreetly lighting three-dimensional surfaces.

The Growth Market Car, a joint project targeted at consumers in global growth markets, was unveiled at a press conference on Jan. 6 at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas at Visteon’s exhibit, located in the Central Plaza, CP20, outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES concluded on Jan. 9.

3M Light String is used around the exterior headlamps, under the interior door handles, and under the interior center stack on the car to create a modern yet unassuming effect.

“Based on consumer feedback and market trends, we know that technologies that add sensory enjoyment and help enhance the driving experience are things consumers are looking for,” said Joe Stroh, global business development manager, 3M. “Our Light String technology allows designers to add lighting in unique yet unobtrusive ways, which creates new experiences for the driver.”

The Light String technology, which has a single core featuring a transparent polymer that converts the limited amount of light from a LED into a longer and more uniform light guide, provides lighting design freedom to create long, sharp lines or softly illuminated surfaces. The technology is flexible and can be cut to length with no tooling costs, which reduces design time and helps to reduce waste during assembly.

It also has long distance luminance uniformity and brightness, color stability and high cold impact shatter resistance.

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