4Videosoft Announces 6X Faster Converting Speed Will be Realized by Adopting NVIDIA(R) CUDA(TM) Technology Next Month

2010-12-29 16:22 838

BEIJING, Dec. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Looking forward to another surprise while enjoying this joyful time during the Christmas Holiday? 4Videosoft Studio has released another piece of good news. Realizing 6X faster converting speed by adopting NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology is 4Videosoft's next great attempt during this happy Christmas Holiday. It is certain to be a breakthrough for all of 4Videosoft's team members and for all of 4Videosoft's large range of customers. Before this becomes a reality, it is necessary for 4Videosoft to give an outline on the advantages of CUDA.

First, something about NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology:

CUDA is NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture that enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU (graphics processing unit).

With millions of CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date, software developers, scientists and researchers are finding broad-ranging uses for CUDA, including image and video processing, computational biology and chemistry, fluid dynamics simulation, CT image reconstruction, seismic analysis, ray tracing, and much more.

Second, detailed steps planned by 4Videosoft Studio:

During the first period, we will mainly upgrade the Blu-ray Converter tools with the NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology to realize the 6X faster converting speed.

The second period is for video converter tools, and the next is DVD Converter tools and more.

You can get more information when it is realized from the following WebPages: and

After adopting NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology, a new highlight will come to you. It means a whole improving in converting speed, so pay attention to it.

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