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HONG KONG, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On 10 February 2009, the Caring Company Recognition Ceremony was organized by Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) at Hong Kong Conventional and Exhibition Centre. For the second time, ABAS Business Solutions (PRC) has been awarded the Caring Company Logo 2008/2009 by HKCSS in recognition of its good corporate citizenship.

The Caring Company Scheme is launched by HKCSS and funded by HKSAR Government. Over the years, it has gained widespread support from local business and the public. Caring Company Logo is awarded to recognize private companies which demonstrate good citizenship. Companies who receive this Logo have to satisfy three out of the six criteria of the Caring Company criteria.

For a long time, ABAS has devoted much time and effort on the public welfare and charity. Internally, ABAS established many policies to give caring to employees & their families and encourage employee to involve in the community activities and volunteering. Many of the ABAS high-level managements have compulsory work in non-profit organizations. Out of the company, ABAS specially contacted The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of H.K. -- Tai Po Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre to understand the community situation and funded the community service of Thousand Years Feast in December 2008, which created a chance for the old to welcome the new spring together with the youth.

As an IT company, ABAS paid much attention on the promotion and publicity of software application except for the research on software development. Such as:

(1) Cooperated with HKPC and held "Seminar on Enterprise Resource,

Freight and Communication Management" in August 2008;

(2) Participated the Guangzhou-HK Cooperation on Open Source Software

Seminar sponsored by Hong Kong Open Source Software Center (HKOSSC)

and GuangDong Linux Center (GDLC) and organized by Guangdong Linux

Application Software Committee (GDLASC) and Hong Kong Linux Industry

Association (HKLIA) in October 2008.

(3) ABAS awarded the Certificate of Merit -- HSBC Living Business Awards

in 2008 to recognize its excellence in implementing socially


ABAS believes that the involvement of public welfare can not only sublimate the enterprise own idea but also improve employee's view of quality and value. The existence and development of enterprises relate closely with society development. While receiving from society, enterprise must implement its social responsibility. Enterprises that always have social responsibility are really excellent enterprises and will have a longer and more stable development.

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