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2009-05-08 20:25 588

HONG KONG, May 11 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ABAS Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd. announced today that ABAS ERP was awarded the "Best ERP 2009" by the Linux Pilot magazine at the awards presentation ceremony of "Linux & OSS Best Solution 2009" held on 15th April at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. This is the Fourth Time that ABAS ERP has been awarded with this award in Asia and we are all again deeply honored.

The award of "Linux & OSS Best Solutions 2009" aims at encouraging enterprises to use Linux & Open Source Software in the development of business and consumer solutions. The awardees are required to satisfy the selection criteria of: Originality, Innovative Values, Level of Benefits and Market Reception. Based on ABAS' continuous innovation and commitment to providing software with a high degree of flexibility, ABAS ERP was awarded with the category of "Best ERP 2009" for four consecutive years.

In the past one year, ABAS ERP has emphasized on the focus of Process Oriented Architecture (POA) which extends from the widely accepted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The focal point of POA is to satisfy the general users' business processes through configurable modularization as a start and provide a flexible platform for users to fine tune their business optimization on another. ABAS' vision is to ensure that the software continued to be highly flexible, upgradable and easy to maintain so the software can grow together with the enterprises.

In addition to the POA, the latest open source workbench enhanced by ABAS will also enable users to simplify business process via one single platform. The development tool will thoroughly revolutionize the implementation and operation methods of ERP software. ABAS' aim is to allow customers to enjoy the conveniences of integrating additional process with much improvement in time and costs. ABAS commitment to promote OSS to commercial enterprises will strengthen the OSS's penetration and adoption to the market; and thus helping end users to lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

Throughout the last 29 years, ABAS ERP system insisted on a 3-tier architecture. While ABAS continue to develop its kernel with the C language, the outer flexible user interfaces are now compatible with JAVA which works seamlessly with ABAS' object-oriented database structure. The combination of Java and ABAS will be more extensible, powerful, flexible and compact.

From a holistic design approach, ABAS technicians adhere to the idea of "Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast" so that senior managers can track the latest activities at all levels through an integrated system. Moreover, the system will provide the much demanded information to facilitate the enterprises to make the right business decisions swiftly.

With ABAS thorough understanding of small and medium size manufacturing and distribution enterprises, ABAS has undoubtedly demonstrated its vision as one of the top international ERP vendors in providing good value of investment in the years to come.

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