A Pledge of Love - 2008 Beijing Olympics Theme Song Entry

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CHICAGO, Aug. 13 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- "A Pledge of Love," a North American- composed entry as the theme song of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008, was performed Sunday, May 20, at the 2007 All Chinese Music Concert at Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago.

This concert was named by Chicago Tribune as one of the top 10 classical music concerts in Chicago.

Mrs. Martha Wright founder and director of "The West Tennessee Youth Chorus" said that she cries with tears after listening to the song.

Composed for the 2008 Olympics’ opening ceremony, "A Pledge of Love" suffuses contemporary musicology in a restrained classical form. Reaching a level of purity and beauty, the composition integrates slight jazz-like pop music modulation to create a dynamic sense of freedom of expression and contradiction. It is a lively yet haunting piece - pure, compassionate, powerful and inspiring. In the orchestra-only version, the composer seamlessly integrates Chinese tunes and instruments with the orchestra, symbolizing the globalization of arts and culture.

As the Olympic ceremony unfolds, the beating of 100 thundering drums gives way to a triumphant medley of trumpets and brass. A lyrical melody marks the first section - pastoral, spring-like and hopeful. "We sing to our land," the lyrics say, "carry high the torch."

In the second dance-like section, people are "back-to-back and hand-in- hand," celebrating friendship and togetherness. A male solo voice gives a lively feel of modernism and action.

To highlight the Olympic slogan, "One World, One Dream," the dramatization starts at a transition where trumpets climb to the highest notes. The tubas and double basses contradict their sounds with a very low scale. This creates a feeling of strength and determination, inducing the forces of "Ying and Yang." In effect, it represents human struggle and undaunted courage.

Finally, the song explodes into a majestic, compassionate and memorable "One World, One Dream" theme which invites listeners to sing. In Dr. Leung’s words, "It is mankind’s yearning for love and hope." The orchestra and chorus finally reach the grandest measures of the music, inviting the first explosion of colors and sounds of fireworks.

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Source: Yvonne Song
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