Aoni releases new condom with Collagen to its award-winning thin series

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HONG KONG, November 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Aoni has just revealed their new condoms that will revolutionise the contraceptive industry. After years of research into the cosmetic and practical needs of condom-users, Aoni has added a new Collagen-infused lubricated condom to their 001 Technology; the first of which was released on November 25th.

Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001 condoms are the newest addition to the 001 series which achieved the Guinness World Record for 'Thinnest Latex Condom' in 2013. The Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001's contain a collagen-infused lubricant which helps to care for and rebuild your most intimate areas during love-making.

"When we started the design of this product, we were thinking about how condoms on the market today are heavily marketed towards male users." explains Victor Chan, Managing Director of Aoni Condoms. "It seems that our female counterparts are forgotten so we surveyed many female users and it appears that dryness ranks as the highest concern among their problems and needs in bed. Over 30% of our users already have a lubricant in their bedroom, so we took this project like a cosmetic one and performed extensive studies with skin experts. Through research and development, we've developed our first ultrathin product using a collagen-infused lubricant that delivers what we call the 'skin-to-skin' experience he desires while giving the pampering and smooth feeling she deserves."

Collagen is known for its great skin-rebuilding properties. It's a naturally-occurring protein that forms the basis of our bones, cartilage, tendons and skin, so it's the most important ingredient for maintaining youth. Collagen has been used as a beauty product for decades as it helps to retain the skin's elasticity, youthfulness and structure.

Moreover, Aoni has opted to use water based lubrication over silicon oil. Silicon oil is a type of lubrication commonly used by most condom manufacturers today to lubricate their products - it is oil based, insoluble and requires cleaning in the aftermath. By using water based lubricant with the addition of collagen, it tends to be absorbed by the skin naturally like your typical face care, thereby making it unnecessary to clean and reduce the potential of losing natural skin oils.

When applied to the vagina, collagen proves a barrier against rough-play and cares for the most delicate part of your body by providing greater elasticity, on top of a smoother experience for both partners. The collagen Aoni uses in their condoms is then fused with a water-based lubricant that won't irritate your parts, either.

The Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001's may just be the best new product for couples who care about each other's intimate health and crave a more sensational experience than conventional condoms can provide. They're also perfect for any woman who experiences vaginal dryness, as the collagen-infused lubricant is non-irritating, incredibly smooth and moisturizes. Men benefit, too, as they won't experience painful friction and will be left feeling soft, smooth and well-cared for. However, the biggest benefit is that you won't need to have an additional tube of lubricant during sex.

One of the most common complaints about condoms is that they reduce sensitivity, leading to loss of passion. This can result in couples choosing to go without protection, opening themselves to a risk of infection and unwanted pregnancy. Aoni understands that it's important that sex is a fun, tactile experience, which led them to create their award-winning products.

The new Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001 condoms will be available worldwide from Amazon, eBay and the Aoni online store from November 25th for just $24.99 for a box of 12. They are also available in packs of 3.

And that's not all. "We're working on expanding our range," Victor Chan says. "The Extra Smooth Ultrathin 001s are only the beginning. The market has been calling out for a woman-oriented condom that utilizes the astounding leaps in beauty and health technology that have been discovered in the past few years, and we're looking into this."

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