CCID Sees Break-Up of Baidu and Liang Dong a Result of Industry's Limitations

2007-04-05 18:41 972

BEIJING, April 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Baidu officially announced that its vice-president Liang Dong would quit his position in two months' time. He is expected to work on public welfare utilities or take part in investment ventures. CCID Consulting, China's leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong, recently commented that Liang Dong's parting is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is rather an outcome of growth limitations for Internet enterprises in China.

This is no denying that Liang Dong has brought about avenues of development for Baidu. He also led the serial brand activities when Baidu was first listed, which helped to lay the foundations for Baidu's brand position in China and even in Nasdaq. Baidu has also benefited enormously from it. However, due to successive PR failures, Baidu urgently needs to cope with the poor impact caused by a series of events such as the click fraud and staff cutting incidents. Cultural creativity and brand building cannot, by itself, repair the situation. Despite his outstanding achievements and praise from the industry circles, including Baidu's helmsman, Liang Dong nevertheless lacks support for the furthering of his romantic and creative cultural style and brand building. His departure was therefore inevitable.

CCID Consulting believes that Baidu can no longer persuade Liang Dong to stay, as it is a hopeless case. Just as unrealistic as it is to require the Internet, still in its infancy, to have a deep and matured culture. Driven by technology and the renewing models of foreign Internet enterprises, China's nascent Internet enterprises are facing cruel competition. The pressure for survival transcends everything else. In such a situation, things as illusory as building culture can become the first casualty. Baidu can continue to work on culture building, but a positive publicity boost is still what it needs most at this time.

Liang Dong's leaving may prove, in the end, to be beneficial to all parties concerned. He has made Baidu better understand its value system. He has also given the industry a chance, once again, to earnestly examine the still-emerging culture and the helpless fickleness of Internet enterprises. In some ways, Chinese Internet enterprises have yet to become principled, with deep-felt convictions. But, given that Google can build its vast empire while creating a unique culture, why should not Chinese Internet companies own their own TOP Charter? Perhaps, Liang Dong's leaving or some other event may become the catalyst for awakening Chinese Internet enterprises' cultural-building awareness.

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