China Hanvon's Handwriting Signature Technology Becomes Spotlight At 2014 MWC

2014-02-26 18:14 1090

BARCELONA, Spain, February 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanvon has been showcasing its handwriting input, electronic signature and OCR technologies to visitors at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world's premier mobile industry event, since the event opened its doors in Barcelona on Feb. 24, 2014. This is the fourth time that Hanvon Technology, a leading player in China's IT sector, has been an exhibitor at the prestigious event.

2014MWC Hanvon product demonstration.  (PRNewsFoto/Hanvon)
2014MWC Hanvon product demonstration. (PRNewsFoto/Hanvon)

Hanvon Technology's handwriting signature technology has become a highlight at this year's show. The company's signature plate can produce original handwriting-like output, comparable to physical on-paper signatures. At the company's exhibition booth, visitors from around the world expressed tremendous interest in the product as they each took turns signing their names. No matter what writing system or what language, the signer's electronic version, which is nearly identical in appearance to the same on-paper signatures, are synchronously displayed on the computer screen. Electronic signatures are already widely accepted in paperless offices and across the financial banking terminal sector in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. As one of a handful of companies that has become involved in wireless passive electromagnetic module technology, Hanvon's 1024-level handwriting pressure sensitivity function enables a "true to life" look and feel with every stroke on the screen even under wide variations in pressure. Hanvon's staff demonstrated to visitors from around the world how the company's handwriting signature technology has already been widely adopted across many sectors in China, including hospitals, banks, telecommunications, education, hotels and in the government offices responsible for social security, public security and visa issuance. The convenience and speed of the technology is increasing productivity in each of these sectors.

With the development of Internet of Vehicle technology and smart vehicle navigation, an increasing number of automakers have begun to integrate more advanced handwriting navigation systems into new car models. Carmakers such as Benz and Toyota have already made Hanvon's handwriting recognition technology part of the navigation systems on some models, significantly improving the handwriting input experience when using original navigators.

In addition, Hanvon's OCR recognition technology is already crossing over into consumer electronics applications, moving beyond the industrial applications for which it was originally intended. The process of issuing building passes to employees or passes to visitors in buildings has been greatly accelerated once the headshot part of the process is completed and users have been impressed by the rapid recognition of the handwriting sample as well as by the smart and accurate recording process. Hanvon's technologies are becoming ubiquitous, from the original handwriting technology that has been integrated into phones across several name brands as well as signatures on tablets with immediate verification of the input. The adoption of the technology is moving from office automation into such applications as signature confirmation when using a bank ATM.

Hanvon is committed to further development of products for the model recognition sector as part of the ongoing transformation of the mobile internet industry. The company plans to launch more market friendly products that increasingly provide convenience to everyday users as they go about their daily affairs.

Source: Hanvon