China Yida to Benefit from Endorsement of the Taining Scenic Area by China's Tourism Officials

2011-09-06 19:06 1013

FUZHOU, China, September 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- China Yida Holding Company (Nasdaq: CNYD) ("China Yida" or the "Company"), a leading tourism and media enterprise in China, today announced that Taining Scenic Area was recently inscribed by the China National Tourism Administration as a national 5A Tourism Area. The national 5A inscription is the highest level accorded by the China National Tourism Administration in its quality appraisal system.

"We are delighted that the Taining Scenic Area, of which the Great Golden Lake is an essential part, has received this special designation by the China National Tourism Administration," commented Dr. Minhua Chen, Chief Executive Officer of China Yida. "The national 5A designation will focus the efforts of key constituencies to optimize the attractiveness and tourist experience of the area. We believe that the combined efforts of the China Yida team, the local government and the local community will enable tourists to experience the best that the Great Golden Lake has to offer and they will want to visit again and again."

As of September 1, 2011, there were a total of 114 5A Tourism Areas in China, with only four in Fujian Province. National 5A Tourism Areas are usually characterized by their scenic or cultural attractiveness, solid infrastructures, longstanding reputation, tourist satisfaction, high volume of tourist visits, the availability of professional tour guides and access to convenient transportation.

To celebrate Taining Scenic Area's 5A inscription, the Taining government will launch a nationwide promotional campaign. A tourism enhancement program is now being implemented for the destination that includes, among other things, tourist information systems, online booking and electronic ticketing, multi-language signage, public restrooms, ample parking and bus stations. Further, the local government will continue to develop the inter-city highway and other roads to connect Taining to other scenic sites nearby including the Great Golden Lake and Shangqing River.

In May 2011, a direct travel bus route was put into operation which connects the Great Golden Lake and Wuyi Mountain, another 5A Scenic Area in Fujian Province. The Fujian government has been promoting cooperation between the tourism authorities and tour agencies in the two locations. The plan for the region is to form an integrated tourism marketing effort to share customer and marketing resources, design better tour routes and enhance current entertainment programs so as to increase visitor traffic and prolong average tourist stays. China Yida expects that these efforts could lead to a significant rise in tourist traffic and accelerate the recovery of this popular tourist destination.

About China Yida

China Yida is a leading tourism and media enterprise focused on China's fast-growing leisure industry and headquartered in Fuzhou City, Fujian province of China. The Company provides tourism management services and specializes in the development, management and operation of natural, cultural and historic scenic sites.

China Yida currently operates the Great Golden Lake tourist destination (Global Geopark, including Golden Lake, Shangqing River, Zhuangyuan Rock, Luohan Mountain and Taining Old Town), Hua'An Tulou tourist destination (World Culture Heritage, including Dadi Tulou cluster and the Shangping Tulou cluster) and China Yunding Park (National Park, including Flower Terrace, Heavenly Lake, Colorful Waterfall, Red River Valley and Jade Valley).

China Yida is also developing three additional tourism projects including Ming Dynasty Entertainment World, China Yang-sheng (Nourishing Life) Tourism Project and the City of Caves. The Company's operating scenic sites total in aggregate over 300 square kilometers in area.

The Company's media business provides operations management services including content and advertisement management for the Fujian Education Television Station ("FETV"), a top-rated provincial education television channel, and "Journey through China on the Train", an advertisement-embedded travel program, currently the only on-board media program from a third party authorized by Ministry of Railways. For further information, please contact the Company directly or visit its website at

For further information, please contact the Company directly, or visit its Web site at

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