China Yingxia International Announces Fiscal Year End 2006 Financial Results

China Yingxia International, Inc.
2007-04-03 09:34 813

-- Revenue for 2006 increased 36% to $8.4 million

-- Net Income for 2006 increased 205% to $5.3 million (includes a tax gain

of approximately $3 million)

-- Gross Profit for 2006 increased 43% to $4.6 million

NEW YORK, N.Y., April 2 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China Yingxia

International, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CYXI), a leading provider in the

nutraceutical industry by engaging in the development, manufacture and

distribution of organic nutritional food products, supplements, and personal

care products in China, today announced financial results for 2006. During

2006, CYXI used raw materials from the Heilongjiang province in China to

produce a variety of products including soybean-based foods and drinks, Longgu

golden millet enriched products, organic rice products, and cactus-based

herbal supplements.

China Yingxia's current business model includes a combination of research,

planting, production, deep processing, storage, and sales. The Company fully

owns the intellectual property rights to cactus dry powder and processing,

Longgu golden rice processing, and fruit and vegetable functional food

processing. The Company also has a partnership with King International Co.,

Inc. based in Queensland, Australia, which owns a patent in its world-leading

soybean processing technology.

China Yingxia financial results for the year ended December 31st, 2006 is

as follows.

Income Statement

Revenue increased 35.85% to $8.4 million as compared to $6.2 million for

2005. The increase of revenue was attributable to the introduction of new

products. 56% of the increase stems from nutritional foods including organic

rice products and a mix of Nestle(TM) products including chocolate, coffee,

and instant cereal meals. The remaining 44% of the revenue increase was

attributed to our personal care products including air and water purifiers,

and showerheads. The number of total products sold increased to 186 in 2006

from 82 in 2005.

Cost of goods sold was $3.8 million for 2006 compared to $3 million for

2005. As a percentage of revenues, cost of goods sold was 45.7% for 2006,

compared to 48.6% for 2005. The Company was able to lower cost of goods sold

as a percentage of revenues as a result of its introduction of a new product

mix with lower costs associated with raw materials and cost of production.

Gross profit increased 43.54% to $4.6 million for 2006 compared to $3.2

million for the same period in 2005. Gross margins increased to 54.35% in 2006

compared to 51.44% in 2005 as a result of the increase in new products. The

Company was able to achieve this increase despite intentionally giving

discounted pricing toward these new products to franchisees in an effort to

gain consumer recognition and increase market share going forward.

Selling and general administrative expenses increased from $422,318 for

2005 to $1.74 million in 2006. China Yingxia incurred a one-time expense of

$850,000 for going public in 2006. Excluding this one-time expense, SG&A

totaled $889,221, an increase of $466,903 compared to 2005. This increase is

attributed to the increase in sales of 35.85% year-on-year and the

introduction of the new product mix, which increased advertising costs.

Research and development expenses increased to $488,404 compared to 0 in

the same period during 2005. Although the R&D expense lowered the Company's

EBITDA, the Company believes it has set the foundation for securing the

Company's internal product development for the future.

The Company has recognized previously accrued income taxes in the amount

of $3 million as income tax benefits. As a result of the completion of the

reverse merger, the Company obtained its foreign-owned entity ("WOFE").

Therefore, the Company is exempt from income tax from January 1, 2004 through

December 31, 2007. The Company has also been approved to have its tax rate

reduced by 50% from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2010. Typical Chinese

enterprises pay a tax rate of 30% to the state government and 3% to the local


EBITDA for the year ended December 31, 2006 totaled $2.33 million, a

decrease of 14.43% from $2.73 million for the year ended December 31, 2005.

There was a one-time expense of $850,000 for going public in May 2006.

Normalizing for this one-time event, EBITDA would have been $3.18 million or

an increase of 16.4% in 2006.

Net Income for the year ended in 2006 totaled $5.3 million, an increase of

190% from $1.8 million for the year ended in 2005. The increase is primarily

due to the income tax benefit discussed above.

Balance Sheet

Total assets for the year ended December 31, 2006 totaled $20.1 million.

Included in the $20.1 million is $14.9 million of property, plant, and

equipment. The Company has incurred direct costs of construction or

acquisition and design fees for a new plant and office building. The new

facility will cover 54,600 square meters, with a construction area of 16,300

square meters. Upon completion the capacity will be 60,000 tons of soybeans,

90,000 tons of millet, and 1,500 tons of cactus powder produced annually.

The Company reported total liabilities of $909,964 for the year ended

2006. The Company has no preferred shares or long-term debt outstanding.

Total stockholders' equity was $19.2 million for the year ended 2006 or $.57

per share.

Statement of Cash Flows

Cash flows from operations during 2006 amounted to $8.4 million

representing an increase of approximately 211% compared to $2.7 million in

2005. The increased cash flow was due primarily to the increase of net income.

Advances to suppliers also decreased by $3.5 million during 2006, due to

better control over payment to suppliers. These increases were partly offset

by a decrease in accounts payable of $150,335 and increases in inventory of

$929,194 during 2006, which resulted from our expanded scale of operations,

which required support of increased sales and production activities and

additional demands on working capital.

Cash flows used in investing activities amounted to $8.8 million for the

year ended in 2006. The Company used $1.9 million for the purchase of plants

and equipment and $3.8 million for the construction of our new facility.

Cash flow from financing activities solely consisted of paying off a note

payable in the amount of $210,652.

Ms.Yingxia Jiao, Chairwoman and CEO of China Yingxia stated, "We are very

pleased with our company's performance for 2006. We continue to show solid

growth in our sales, which was attributable to the introduction of our new

products. The total number of products we sell has grown dramatically in 2006

to 186. Although we have given discounted prices for our new product roll

out, our gross profit continues to remain strong increasing 43% to $4.6

million for 2006 compared to 2005, while achieving strong growth."

Ms. Yingxia Jiao continued, "I view our performance in 2006 to be very

solid financially as we initiated our growth strategy for 2007 during 2006 and

we continue to execute according to plan. To diversify risk and increase

returns on investment, we have already begun to expand our product base and

enter new geographical expansion throughout China. We have also invested in a

new facility, which will cover 54,600 square feet. Upon completion there will

be a capacity of 60,000 tons of soybean, 90,000 tons of millet, and 1,500 tons

of cactus powder produced annually."

"This will enable CYXI to provide many more products to many more outlets

than the 500 retail outlets which marketed our products in 2006. We will

continue focusing on more developed, coastal cities where dispensable income

is high." Ms. Yingxia Jiao continued, "In 2007 I look forward to expanding

into less restricted trading countries such as Southeast Asia and Russia. In

the future, it is our goal to expand to Europe, North America, Japan, and

Korea as well." At the time of this statement, Ms. Jiao and her team members

are in Russia as part of a seven day trip to explore entry into the Russian

market for the Company's products.

The Company will be hosting their first shareholder update call in late

April. CYXI will alert all interested parties with an announcement in the

near future. Additionally, management will be presenting at the China

Investment Conference in New York City on April 24th and be available for

meetings April 23-25, 2007. If anyone wants to schedule a meeting, please


About China Yingxia International, Inc.

China Yingxia International, Inc., through its 100%-owned subsidiary,

Harbin Yingxia Industrial Group Co., Ltd. ("Yingxia"), is primarily engaged in

the development, production and sales of health food products in China.

Yingxia is located in the Province of Heilongjiang in mainland China, and it

currently has over 180 employees and 3 agricultural production bases.

Yingxia's products include fresh cactus and cactus dry power, organic soybean,

and Longgu golden rice. Yingxia is currently implementing an aggressive

expansion plan which includes the construction of a new production facility of

16,300 square meters.

For more information about China Yingxia International, Inc. (OTC BB:

CYXI.OB), please visit: .

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