ChinaSoft International Establishes a Ten-Thousand-Staff Base in Xi'an HIDZ Software Park

BEIJING, HONG KONG and NEW YORK, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ChinaSoft International Limited (hereinafter referred to as "ChinaSoft International" or "The Company") (HKSE.354) announced today that it has held a signing ceremony with the Management Committee of Xi'an High-Tech Industry Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xi'an HIDZ") for the establishment of ChinaSoft International's Ten-Thousand-Staff Base in the Xi'an HIDZ Software Park. It marks the beginning of the Company's strategic initiative aiming to transfer in a large scale the development resources to low-cost tier three cities, so as to cut direct cost, improve the Company's gross profit, and to lay the foundation of edging into one of the world's Top 50 software services companies with the target service revenue in 2015 of 10 billion RMB.

Xi'an is China's special experiment zone for nationwide planning of scientific and technological resources, integrating China's many key higher education institutions and abundant high-caliber talent pools. ChinaSoft International's Ten-Thousand-Staff Base will combine the efforts of enterprises, universities, research institutes, and management teams, make the best of abundant and high-quality university and research institute resources in Xi'an, and establish "One Park and Three Bases" to pool talents and gain the initiative in the R&D of new-generation information network technologies. "One Park" is the ChinaSoft Xi'an Technology Park, and "Three Bases" refer to the R&D Base, Delivery Base and Training Base. The R&D Base mainly provides solutions and technological R&D services for cloud computing, middleware platform products, mobile Internet, and Internet of Things; the Delivery Base mainly offers delivery services, centering on ITO and BPO, for strategic management outsourcing, strategic customers' offshore development centers (ODC), data centers and shared service centers; and the Training Base mainly supplies customized trainings, certification trainings, project practices and staff trainings. The Northwest China Headquarters of ChinaSoft International will also be located in Xi'an to take full charge of the Company's business and market expansions in the region, and provide high-end consulting services to customers.

With support from Xi'an HIDZ, the largest economic engine in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, Xi'an HIDZ Software Park will embody international, ecological, intelligent and people-oriented concepts, and emphasize the development of such strategic and emerging sectors as software R&D, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and data center. By driving technological innovations and developing high-tech industries with indigenous intellectual property rights, Xi'an HIDZ Software Park has created a great environment for software service enterprises, making itself a powerful supporting platform, on which ChinaSoft International will achieve its development goals. As a large comprehensive software and information service enterprise in China, ChinaSoft International will, by establishing a ten-thousand-staff base in Xi'an HIDZ Software Park, fully leverage the strategic opportunity rendered by China's efforts in developing the "Western Triangular Economic Zone", rely on the human resources, cost and geological advantages and great economic development potential of Xi'an City, benefit from the favorable policies and business environment of Xi'an HIDZ, give full play to the Company's advantages in industry service experience, brand recognition, customer base, product innovations and teamwork, and embrace a new era of rapid, large-scale development.

ChinaSoft International is an overseas-listed company, and by establishing a ten-thousand-staff base in Xi'an HIDZ Software Park, it will share its own global customer base and market resources, promote communication and exchange between Xi'an City's intellectual & financial resources and domestic as well as overseas advanced technological & market resources. This will help boost two-way value creation, mutual benefit and reciprocity, effectively improve the international status of Xi'an City's software industry environment, and further raise its international profile. The Ten-Thousand-Staff Base of ChinaSoft International plays a conspicuous demonstration role and has a very strong radiation effect to the industry. It will help attract excellent enterprises to the Xi'an HIDZ Software Park, promote the Park's scale development and its ancillary service economy, and effectively drive the development of regional economy.

About ChinaSoft International:

ChinaSoft International Limited, "CSI" (354.HK), is a global Information Technology service company rooted in China with end to end service capability. The major verticals we cover are: Government and Manufacturing, Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and High-Tech. The Services we offer include: IT consulting, IT technical service solution and IT outsourcing service. CSI has around 12,000 employees located worldwide, including 25 cities in China, Princeton, NJ and Seattle, WA in the US, as well as Tokyo in Japan and London in England.

Source: ChinaSoft International Limited