Chinese Pastry and Cake-making with Tea Appreciation Workshop at Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong

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Playgroup to Enhance Family Bonding

HONG KONG, May 26 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- TASTING HONG KONG, founded by Wing Wah Corporation, is to launch a Chinese Pastry and Cake-making with Tea Appreciation Workshop at Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong. Regular classes, which are great playgroup activities for families that promote family bonding and improve communication, are available every Tuesday and Saturday morning starting June 1st, 2010.

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Playgroup to Promote Family Bonding

Given the long history of the development of Hong Kong dinning culture and delicacies, Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong is launching a series of thematic programs targeting travellers and locals whose are looking for something special in their journey. Stepping into the global school holiday, Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong has developed the Chinese Pastry and Cake-making with Tea Appreciation Workshop to kick off the program. The 1 hour and 15 minute workshop is a cooperative platform enabling parents and their children or cookery lovers together to learn the technique of making Hong Kong Yuen Long wife cake, egg roll and other famous local specialties and to enjoy Chinese tea appreciation so as to understand the quintessence of Hong Kong delicacies. In the meantime, it is a great playgroup activity for families to strengthen communication through the enjoyment of making participants' favourite Chinese pastries; cakes and puddings with Wing Wah's master during overseas travel, resulting in bonding amongst family members.

Besides travellers, TASTING HONG KONG welcomes participation of locals, interest groups and associations to the workshop.

Managed by experienced masters from Wing Wah and tea experts from Jiangxi, China, the workshop shares with participants the anecdotes behind the delicacies and HK's dinning culture while transferring the technique on making traditional pastries and cakes. Programs of a similar nature, which have been attracted numerous overseas travellers, locals and corporate associations, have been held successfully in the past.

Every participant is entitled a souvenir pack which includes the certificate of participation, recipe, a box of wife cake or tea and a Tea Picker doll after class.

Regular Classes & a Free Gift of HK$50 Purchase Coupon

Starting June 1st, 2010, regular classes are available every Tuesday and Saturday morning. Interested parties, please contact our designated travel agency partners-in your country and in Hong Kong.

TASTING HONG KONG also runs private charter workshops and customized programs to fit participants' schedule and to serve particular purposes.

From now onward to July 31st 2010, all participants registered directly via our partners-Panda Travel Agency Ltd , , Gullivers Travel Associates (Hong Kong) Limited will be entitled to a free HK$50 purchase coupon to enjoy HK's specialties.

Chinese Pastry and Cake-making with Tea Appreciation Workshop at TASTING HONG KONG

Time: Every Tuesday & Saturday 09:30-10:45 *

Venue: Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong

Basement, 478 Nathan Road, Yau MaTei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(Yau Ma Tei MTR, Exit C)

Menu: Wife cake and Egg Roll (Fixed Item for Regular Class),

Floral tea, Phoenix Tea...

Language: English/Cantonese/Mandarin

Enquires/Registration: Flora Yeung and Karen Ng, / (852) 2684 1328

* Private charters at other timeslots or customized classes are available. Please contact us for information.

Designated Travel Agencies for the Workshop:

Panda Travel Agency Limited


Gullivers Travel Associates (Hong Kong) Limited


About Wing Wah Tasting Hong Kong

Wing Wah has been established over a half century in Hong Kong, specializing in Chinese delicacies manufacturing, retail and exporting businesses. In January 2010, TASTING HONG KONG, a unique thematic spot for sightseeing and one-stop shopping of local delicacies is founded by Wing Wah Corporation to disseminating Hong Kong dinning culture with variety of local delicacies as well as the festive customs to overseas travellers and locals. Located at Basement, 478 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Tasting Hong Kong is an attractive place for travellers and locals, in which impress you with not only the cultural gallery, but also the fascinating Chi. cooking, cake-making and tea-making demonstrations, lifelike delicacy models and photo taking with the giant illustration wall of Hong Kong landmarks that bring you a new experience of Hong Kong. For more details, please visit .

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