Coolpad Launches Tablet Killer, Likely Joins the Foray in US Market

2011-07-27 16:46 1514

SHENZHEN, China, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Lately buzz words have started flying around that the latent crisis is in the tablet market since people's hands are tied with tablets, which have gone mass-market as the fastest electronic device of all time.

A recent survey by AdMob, an ad arm of Google, shows that the biggest use of tablets for consumers is in mobile gaming. Among 1,430 American users sampled in this survey, 84% of users are playing games with tablets. Another stunning result is that most of the users i.e. 82% are using tablets at home and only 7% at work.

A rising group of young Chinese consumers jumped on the band wagon to buy tablets, but soon found that the 10.1-inch tablets have functions neither more robust than computers nor more handy than mobile phones. By contrast, big-size handsets are gradually revealing converging edges as a crossover product.

At Sina MiniBlogger, a Chinese equivalent of the American facebook, the user terminals have seen a massive shift from the initial iPad platform onto the latest smartphone platform.

"I may not carry a tab with me, but I always have a handset, now the applications featured on tablets are all available on the latest big-screen smartphones. I use a handset much more frequently than a tablet," said Wang Xiaofeng, a white collar working with a high-tech company in Shanghai, China, in an interview with a reporter.

Yulong Coolpad, China's leading brand in the 3G terminal market, discerned such a new change arising from the market and once more globally first launched Coolpad 9930, a type of 5-inch big-screen, dual-network and dual-standby handset. Leveraging its long-term expertise in exploring markets and doing niche market demands, the product adopts its newly developed Coolpad Think-tank OS based on Android's latest system platform, 3G Internet quad-band and pioneering applications of cloud-computing platform. A 16:9 full-view ASV 5-inch big screen delivers a control and visual experience not inferior to Apple's products. It is a cross-over product with tablet-features.

"Only acquisition of customers with demand can we explore the new blue-ocean market. We featured Coolpad 9930 while giving full thought to the environment of hands-on applications. Not only can a user turn on and off one-handed, but also almost all the basic functional operations such as checking address books and dial-up number and so on are available. Its remarkable hardware and software platform pack features-rich entertainment apps, access control experience and handiness of handsets into one. It is a dedicated potable device carried on everywhere, featuring cross-over style, targeting the urban class's multi-function and multi-scenarios including daily life, work, travel and entertainment," remarked Li Won, the standing vice president of Yulong Coolpad.

Lately, the analyst Richard Windsor made a remark at Open Mobile Summit, saying "The tablet market is swiftly turning itself into the red ocean market and the scenario that tablets are able to come in a steep price is likely to last until 2012 at most." Coolpad 9930 is a cross-over product delivering strong experiential sense in usability and control, highly function-integrated, and is feature-rich, which will throw light on customer integrated-demands for multi-function and handiness and will help establish a new niche market being as a total tablet killer.

American carrier MetroPCS delegates, led by Thomas C. Keys, president and COO of MetroPCS, recently paid a visit to Yulong Coolpad headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Thomas C. Keys and Guo Deying, president of Coolpad, held a close consultation regarding Coolpad 9930's entry into the American market. To this date, specific progress on both sides is not made known yet, but insiders are optimistic about this cooperation. It is acknowledged that both parties have reached strategic intent of mutual cooperation. In sync with this, Yulong Coolpad will develop 4G LTE terminals for MetroPCS to offer differentiated choices for the US consumer market.

Source: Yulong Computer Telecommunication