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Rune Information Security Corporation Pte. Ltd.
2012-06-05 22:07 943

SINGAPORE, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- People that are concerned with privacy online or perhaps tired of their web-based email being used for marketing purposes now have a new, easy to use solution. Enterprises and individuals can maintain privacy with an affordable application for both Macintosh and Windows. Deadbolt LT empowers users and organizations to take control of their data and maintain their privacy even when using services like Dropbox, Gmail, or their favorite SaaS. Downloadable from the website for only $9.99 USD, Deadbolt LT is a fast and effective way to protect your communications and files in the cloud and locally.

Deadbolt LT uses a "Floating Toolbar" approach so even messages on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can easily be made private from eavesdropping through a single click. E-mail is especially vulnerable because it is the primary communications choice for business and individuals, and therefore targeted by everyone. Deadbolt LT allows you to lock messages, documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, address books, and more. Communication groups are created on the fly using Deadbolt LT's intuitive key management tool, and users can openly share their public keys among individuals or groups via email or a central server.

Based on OpenPGP, Deadbolt LT is FIPS 140-2 compliant and provides users affordable, proven, standards-based encryption with unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. With its FIPS compliance, entities that are required to comply with FISMA (The US' Federal Information Security Management Act) can use Deadbolt LT to protect their sensitive information. Although Deadbolt LT does not offer the same unbreakable level of encryption as Rune's full Deadbolt product, it does offer a robust OpenPGP level of privacy in a much simpler to use format. Users that purchase Deadbolt LT also have the option to upgrade to the full Deadbolt product that includes full unbreakable Vernam/One-Time Pad encryption using the Vema-Cipher platform.

"This is truly encryption for the masses. Deadbolt LT is designed for everyone who wants to keep private messages and documents just that... private," says Lance Gaines, President-CTO of Rune Information Security Corporation. "Hackers and data thieves are increasingly breaching perimeter systems. When they do get in, Deadbolt LT stops them from being able to easily read sensitive e-mail and files. Users can archive or share information with a select group of friends and colleagues, essentially making the messages 'eyes only'. Bottom line - protect the data so that it remains private, no matter where it travels."

Deadbolt LT is available through online purchase at and can be purchased using PayPal or a credit card.

About Rune

Singapore-based Rune Information Security Corporation Pte. Ltd. creates solutions that maintain e-mail and Internet privacy in a world of electronic eavesdropping and corporate espionage. The company was founded by a group of like-minded security software professionals who believe in empowering and maintaining absolute electronic privacy through tried and tested technologies and methods. Rune integrates standards based encryption solutions with the historically proven unbreakable Vernam 'one-time pad' cipher, to create unbeatable and compliance driven security solutions.

Please visit to download Deadbolt LT or for more information about Rune's full suite of security solutions and products including the Deadbolt Vema-Cipher platform. For further information, please contact Rune at or +65 6408-0575. 

Source: Rune Information Security Corporation Pte. Ltd.