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Long hours spent studying for the SAT can take their toll on a student. Lack of sleep, stress and poor eating habits can make studying difficult and can lead to reduced scores. Another common problem is eye strain from extended computer use and poor lighting. DealExtreme has a few lighting solutions to help students reduce eye strain and protect their vision during long hours of study.

Protective lighting from DealExtreme

With a warm 5500k, two-mode LED light, this rechargeable eye-protection reading lamp is the perfect tutor for health and safety during a student's preparation for the SAT. With an incredible 10 hours of operating time and its ability to be wall mounted, this lamp is invaluable for proper lighting. Adjustable brightness controls make it even more suitable for safe lighting, and its ultra-light weight means portability for studying in that dimly lit library or study hall.

Another DealExtreme weapon to combat eye strain and fatigue is this 11 LED multi-function desktop lamp and flashlight. Able to function on either three or eight user-controlled LED lights makes this lamp convenient and practical. It also doubles as an LED flashlight so not even a power outage can prevent you from studying.

On the lighter side of proper lighting is this Dynamite Headdy desk lamp. With 15 LED lights in total, users have the option of two lighting configurations of either seven or 11 lit at a time. Its 180 degree adjustable lamp angle affords you proper lighting no matter what surface it sits on.

AC power allows for continuous operation and its built-in, 900mAh rechargeable battery lasts about 18 hours with seven LEDs lit, and about 8 hours with 15.

No one said proper lighting couldn't be fun and affordable, and DealExtreme can provide both with its wide assortment of high-grade LED lamps at affordable prices and free worldwide shipping.

2-Mode, 5500K warm white light rechargeable eye protection LED reading lamp:
2-Mode, 11-LED white light desktop lamp:
Dynamite Headdy Style Rechargeable 2-Mode 15-LED White Light Desktop Lamp:

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