Dreamscapes: AomenTV Produces Short Film Series for CHINA ROUGE

2012-06-12 14:00 1846

Viewers take an ethereal journey into the mysterious interiors of the new CHINA ROUGE through AomenTV's latest production entitled The Voyeur: Beyond Black & White

MACAU, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --  AomenTV has created a short online video series that depicts an artist's dream-like journey inside the private world of CHINA ROUGE --  the hottest new entertainment nightspot in Macau. The Voyeur: Beyond Black & White, was commissioned by the lounge's parent company - Galaxy Macau™. The video series comes together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: each video making up part of a larger story that combines a rich visual language of artistic symbols along with handwritten narrative excerpts from the artist's notebook. As with a room of inner chambers, each scene knits together to form one narrative story.

Voyeur: Beyond Black & White
Voyeur: Beyond Black & White

The videos capture concepts and allude to themes from the classical literature of China including Dream of The Red Chamber, Journey to the West, The Three Kingdoms, and The Plum in the Golden Vase.

AomenTV's Executive Producer and creative director of the short film series - Campbell McLean, says viewers become voyeurs peering into secret places, hidden corners, and personal thoughts. "We wanted a series of mysterious and beautiful pictures to come to life, to create an intriguing story that will be talked about."

McLean worked closely with the club's Executive Manager Noel Furrer to create content that was in keeping with the CHINA ROUGE brand values. 

"CHINA ROUGE is the first private members-only club curated with a unique blend of art and design by Alan Chan," says Noel Furrer. "The club is full of references to legendary Chinese stories mixed with very contemporary works of art. It was only fitting that we commissioned a short film that could evoke a sense of exclusiveness, intimacy and comfort, all within a sensual romantic setting."

According to Furrer, the videos leave viewers wanting more, in the knowledge that CHINA ROUGE is "a place to seek, a place to hide, explore: a place to be".

Inspired by the Parisian cabarets of the 1800s, Shanghai of the 1930s and the fabulous women of that decadent era, CHINA ROUGE embodies the "World Class, Asian Heart" philosophy of Galaxy Macau™, Macau's leading integrated destination resort. The members-only performance lounge -- located at the main entrance of Galaxy Macau, is the forbidden chamber for those with discerning tastes for the finer things in life.  CHINA ROUGE is expected to attract members from across Asia as word spreads about a nightlife experience like no other in the region.

CHINA ROUGE is a private members club that is beyond cultures and beyond eras. It is simply "Beyond Black and White". Information for how to enter Macau's forbidden chamber is available by contacting the CHINA ROUGE management at

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