EPIN Media Joins 'Marketing Beijing' Project to Promote Beijing Tourism

2007-05-28 15:27 1205

BEIJING, May 29 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- China's leading media services provider EPIN Media announced in a news conference jointly organized by Beijing Tourism Administration, Beijing Railway Bureau and EPIN Media, that EPIN's Railway Motion Media platform will be used to air programs promoting Beijing tourism.

The promotional programs will be aired repeatedly on three major tourist trains just before their scheduled arrival in Beijing. It is expected that approximately 7,000 passengers can be benefited from this service every day.

More than 120 train routes have been installed with the Motion Media platform, covering key tourist cities nationwide. This new on-the-go product seamlessly integrates wireless, visual and audio technologies to provide diverse programs to railway travelers. Passengers can enjoy all kinds of fun TV programs, or instantly check out Web information, or play online games, among other activities.

According to Beijing Tourism Administration, EPIN's Railway Motion Media platform will be incorporated into the "Marketing Beijing" strategy, to more effectively manage the tourism market, and better serve tourists visiting Beijing. Beijing hosts more than 130 million tourists from around the world every year. The use of a media platform has been high up on the agenda of tourism administrators, in an attempt to provide better services to tourists and to enhance the professional image of the Beijing Tourism Administration.

As one of the most important means of transportation for holidays, the Chinese railway system shares 40 percent of the holiday traveling market. More than 560,000 passengers were on board the Beijing railway system since April 30th. This very past May Day holiday witnessed a record high number of tourists. More than 179 million people travelled, spending RMB 73.6 billion, according to the China National Tourism Administration.

Source: EPIN Media
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