Exclusive: Gary Beers Releases Luminous PumpKinRoo in Childrens Books!

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CATSKILL, New York, May 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The series' character was developed over the author's lifetime. The works were fruitfully written and edited during 2008-2013 by Gary Beers!

Mr. Beers said ...PumpKinRoo was an imaginary character developed by him at three years old. While growing up poor, Beers had to compensate for the lack of toys, learning tools and books his mother and father were not able to purchase for either him or his seven other siblings. He said, "Every child as young as I was had an imaginary friend during their early years. I dedicated my life to bringing PumpKinRoo to children who I hope befriend and love him. I spent my entire life developing his unique and very cute 'voice.' These books will have many colorful pictures, too. Book five, said Beers, is a novel that tells the story of how the Majestic Jeweled Kingdom was created by PumpKinRoo and his many lovable, loyal subjects.

Gary Beers asserted by phone, "I have worked diligently on making these writing contributions to young readers I pray, along with their parents, I hope a joy! I made certain to apply both academic and the current research of child psychology that helped me to gain the accepted and reverence with young readers. I worked tirelessly to make the ten books memorable for also future generations! The books are geared for release in February 2013!" Inasmuch the writer stated: "I also utilized my education in both forensic psychology and the humanities to conscientiously develop and implement the material. In addition, and throughout the entire writing processes and editing, I was engaged musefully to finish the volume. The apparent awareness of no matter the cultural or religious differences among children in our World the idea that 'love is universal' to children in one form or another made perfect sense was to me."

Over several years of their creation, Beers noted that he found himself excited about this large literary content's creation. As such was a true reflection of what he remembered PumpKinRoo as a child to be while growing up in the 1970's. "I also enjoyed the journey in making the unique and very special characters come to life. I felt so sad in completing the journey to the Majestic Jeweled Kingdom! I may attempt to write yet another series!"

The playwright and author acknowledges the series to be released sooner than anticipated by the publisher. The books were designed to be read to children aged four, five and six years. Beers asserted the books' content can be read by children aged seven, eight and nine years. The writer is confident that such particulars may make PumpKinRoo a unique contribution to the genre.

The color paperback can be bought for $24.94. The Ebook, audio and CD can be purchased at any book retailer Online for $1.49 - $8.99.

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