For The Term Of His Natural Life: Classic Australian Novel Launches as an Interactive eBook

Minton Investments Pty Ltd
2013-07-15 16:00 969

SYDNEY, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Patricia Payne, producer and co-writer of the highly acclaimed 1983 Australian mini-series For The Term of His Natural Life and director of Minton Investments Pty Limited, is pleased to announce the international release of the interactive story app just for the iPad!

Based on the best-selling novel by renowned Australian journalist and author Marcus Clarke, this groundbreaking interactive eBook app features a 300-page condensed version of the novel interspersed with segments of the mini-series, and presents a seamless and gripping story-telling experience. The app bridges the gap between three forms of media: film, literature, and interactive tablet application, with over 40 interactive footnotes, 19 video notes, bios, and over 100 photos, maps, bonus song from the 1927 silent film, and historical documents.

Written in the early 1870's, this riveting adventure sees protagonist Rufus Dawes falsely accused of murder in 19th century London and transported as a convict to Australia. Initially written as a magazine serial which ran for more than two years in the Australian Journal, Clarke then edited For The Term Of His Natural Life down for the novel. Three silent film adaptations were made, a musical, play and the most recent adaptation was the T.V. mini-series which received international distribution, made the top ten shows of the year on BBC1 in the UK, and broke all ratings records in Australia at the time. This literary classic continues to prove its popularity as it now relaunches as an eBook for the iPad.

"The novel has lasted over 130 years of publication and has never been out of print," says Patricia. "The app platform provides a terrific opportunity to present this timeless tale for the tablet audience today." The unique element of this eBook is that all content is made to be part of the story, not as separate material like most eBooks, and allows for a fully immersive experience of the story.

For the Term of His Natural Life app is available on the app store for the iPad and retails for AUD10.99.

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