Frbiz Predicts a Slowdown in Photovoltaic Industry Market Growth

2010-09-01 15:22 865
    BEIJING, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, predicts a slowdown in the growth of the photovoltaic market over the next year.

    Low cost advantages have been difficult to reproduce recently for enterprises in the market. At the same time, the photovoltaic industry's process of production transfer has become a rising trend. This year, mostly European battery enterprise production has been transferred to Southeast Asia, and next year many components departments will also be closed. 

    Currently, film solar cell conversion is only at 7%, and crystal industry averages reach 17-17.5%. Polycrystalline silicon has achieved 17%. Along with the raw material prices falling sharply, film solar energy's original lower cost competitiveness has been difficult to reproduce.

    For nearly three months, silicon material prices have been rising from 50 USD/kg rise to 80 USD/kg. Because of the whole photovoltaic industry chain's recovery, its product supply of solar wafers, cells, and components are is exceeded by demand.

    Currently, the global photovoltaic consumption market mainly depends on the European market. In 2009, Europe accounted for 73% of global photovoltaic consumption. Germany and Spain still lead global demand for solar energy. However, the next seven months in Germany will reduce subsidies twice, which will directly influence market orders in the short-term.

    At present, the global photovoltaic consumer market is becoming more global. It is expected that, this year, European consumption proportion on a global scale will be reduced to 70%. The photovoltaic industry demand will continue to increase, but it will not be a straightforward trend. It is expected that, in the next year, global market growth will slow down.

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