Frbiz Reports on Chemical Fiber Industry

2009-12-31 15:40 496

BEIJING, Dec. 31 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports on the chemical fiber industry.

Polyester: This week polyester product prices continue to adjust: polyester filament raw materials average weekly price fell 80 RMB to 9,225 RMB; polyester staple fibres weekly average prices are up 56 RMB to 9,492 RMB. All variety of polyester filaments prices are down more than 200 RMB. believes that because raw material prices are still high, polyester product prices are less likely to fall substantially in future.

Viscose: This week viscose staple fibre prices fell 100 RMB to 19,000 RMB, and filament yarn prices remain stable at 34,200 RMB. Frbiz expects that the upstream market price and downstream demand are stabilizing; the recent price of viscose staple fibres will not have too much volatility. As the market approaches the peak season, with plenty of capital on the market, has very high expectations for the recovery of the industry, and believes viscose staple fibre prices are likely to rise.

Spandex: This week spandex industry chain prices remain stable, while polyester 40D prices remain at 48,000 RMB. expects that in March 2010, before the traditional peak season, with plenty of capital on the market, that the industry will recover and believes spandex prices may rise again.

Industry Analysis: polyester, viscose, spandex and cotton ( ) prices will all rise for the first time. Polyester and viscose staple fibre prices will have a cost-push, while spandex and cotton will drive prices up. believes that within the short-term, blends and cotton fibre prices will remain stable, waiting for the peak market season.

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