Fur Designs by Vidjany on Show in Beijing

2007-08-07 19:27 940

BEIJING, Aug. 7 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Vidjany, fashion designer and high-end furrier, announced today that the very latest in couture and fur technology innovation will be exhibited on August 11, 2007 at the Prestigious Great Wall Sheraton in Beijing. Top Furriers and VIP's will be flown in from Russia and across the world, exclusively for the event. Guests will see the finest in fur as well as explore the wonders of China in a two-day guided program.

As a top Russian designer based in South East Asia, Victoria Dzhanibekyan brings her latest creations to the runway in what will surely have a dramatic impact on the Asian fashion scene. During the fashion show, more than 200 pieces will be on-display. Most guests for this event will be flown in for a two-day visit, where they will enjoy a fabulous show and dinner event. The following day they will be provided visits to China's top attractions, such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Afterwards, they will be invited to tour the production site and meet with both the design and production teams.

As Vidjany's chief designer, Dzhanibekyan has worked across the world and decided that after a decade of success in Paris she could no longer delay breaking into the Beijing fashion scene. Dzhanibekyan says, "When I first came here, there was a consensus that Asia, and specifically China, would soon be 'the place to be'. Nowadays there is no question that the Beijing fashion scene has already become an international hotspot. Even with all the changes that are going on in China as a whole, as well as the Chinese fashion world, we expect what's next to be even more exciting. Suffice to say, we're happy to be on the forefront."

Vidjany's major production site lies to the south of Beijing, enabling Dzhanibekyan to convert her creations on paper into the real thing in a matter of days. Dzhanibekyan's younger clients have especially come to appreciate this flexibility as she expresses laughingly, "This is how our customers always stay ahead of the game," adding, "To be able to draw something out of your wildest dreams and then to see the transformation of that sterile sketch on paper into a warm, fluffy and exuberant fur in less than a week, that's quite amazing."

Vidjany has new and creative ways of naturally incorporating the modern demands of function and quality with up-coming trends, using In-House developed solutions: Knitted, Semi-Sheared, Semi-Sheared with Grooving, Dyed Underwool, Natural Pelt Edges, Insertions of Feather & Leather, Yarn and Lace Fur Mixes, and Light Weight Layering.

Press and wholesale fashion buyers: please e-mail with name and company details (including e-mail address) for accreditation to attend this event (subject to verification). We will confirm by e-mail.

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