Goodbaby Invented A "High-speed" Car Seat, Improving Safety Protection by More Than 40%

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SHANGHAI, Nov 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- At the China Toy Expo held in Shanghai, China, a car seat that significantly improves the safety of a child while riding in a car attracted much attention from national and international journalists and visitors. The seat also received wide coverage on CCTV's Nightly News, one of China's most popular news program nationwide.

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This car seat, described as a "high-speed" car seat, is a hi-tech product created, researched and developed by Goodbaby, one of the world's largest durable juvenile products provider and one of the most well-known own brand operators.

Inspired by the safe landing technology of spacecraft return capsules, Goodbaby's global R&D team invented a GBES (GB Energy Suspension) honeycomb aluminum device with a special structure and strength. This device takes advantage of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), studying the data accumulated from 120,000 car seat impact lab tests, which cost in total more than 600 million RMB (approx US$90 million). When embedded in the car seat, the device can readily absorb the huge impact force from collisions through a predetermined collapsing and deformation of the honeycomb aluminum in the event of a car accident. This offers superior protection for a child in the car when compared to other car seats currently available in the market.

Children's car seats must comply with some compulsory standards. Among of them, the European ECE R44 is the strictest one and has been adopted by many countries. This standard stipulates that in order to be sold in the market, car seats must satisfy the requirement that the child's chest synthesis acceleration cannot reach more than 55 g on impact at a speed of 50 km/h. In addition, ADAC, the most authoritative star rating organization in Europe, requires the impact test speed to be 70 km/h. So, most of the qualified car seat products currently sold in the market only pass the impact test at the speed between 50 km/h and 70 km/h.

The Goodbaby "high-speed" car seat has passed the impact test at a speed of 80 km/h, currently the highest speed of car seat impact test in the world, while all performance indexes complying with the highest standards of ECE R44. In a test comparing the safety performance indexes of several car seats from well-respected global brands conducted by an authoritative third-party test firm in China, this seat's performance indicated full protection of the child at an impact speed of 80 km/h, with major performance indexes proving better than the standard of ECE R44 by 28%. At this speed, the performance of other products decreased sharply and some completely lost the ability to protect the child when the impact test speed exceeded 60km/h.

The Goodbaby "high-speed" car seat underwent a test in a real vehicle traveling at a speed of 94.7 km/h, which is unprecedented in the global car seat industry. It delivered head injury criteria of 377, better than the standard of 1,000 stipulated by the US FMVSS 213 (stipulation not required by ECE R44). It also received a chest synthesis acceleration of 29.5 g, far below the 55 g required by ECE R44 and GB 27887, and the 60 g required by the FMVSS 213. These tests show that this car seat significantly improves the safety of a child in a moving vehicle by more than 40%, when compared to any other car seat.

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