HD Video Conferencing: Save Lives and Save Money!

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2011-02-16 14:02 1125

SHANGHAI, Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- High Definition Video services provider QTCT Advocates Eco-business with Green Tech

HD Video Conferencing

The past week witnessed another glamorous moment of QTCT's lofty Eco-business cause. Subsequent to its live surgery telecasting service for Huashan Hospital, QTCT, the specialized enterprise telecom service provider successfully held the mass annual meeting of Shanghai SIIC Transportations Electric Co., Ltd (STEC) via its HD video services. By using the high-end equipment and green technology, QTCT gathered 200 STEC staff from Xujiahui and Qingpu branches together, enabled them to enjoy the entertainment performance and lottery drawing simultaneously, and moreover, reduced vehicle exhaust as well as cost.

Today, the rapidly deteriorating environment has increased people's environmental protection awareness in an unprecedented way. Besides governments' urgent appealing for their peoples' support, millions of enterprises are trying to reduce pollution and optimize usage of resources with a multitude of new modes in business. Video conferencing, an increasingly prevailing communication mode that helps reduce and avoid carbon emission is what QTCT devotes for the environment. Always focusing on the study of telecommunications technology, QTCT is capable of and committed to bringing green technologies to everyone, to every door and everyday life.

"Save lives and save money. That's what our video conferencing service can do. Through our high definition video technology, customers can eliminate the barriers created by distance, thus to cut costs, optimize human capital and maximize companywide performance; what's more, the whole procedure helps reduce carbon footprint. That's universally beneficial. Not everyone can be a green manufacturer, but all can be a green tech spreader," Vivian GAO, CEO of QTCT said.

In pursuit of more support and recognition, QTCT has made unyielding efforts in sharpening its ability to offer better network, video, voice and cloud solutions. Collaboration with Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize and Mirial, all of which are leading global giants of the industry, also reinforces its strength in delivering better services. Since QTCT's establishment in 2004, various companies have chosen its environment-friendly service, such as Citi Bank, SMS Siemag Metallurgical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, OCBC Bank, Johnson&Johnson Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University.

"We not only connect, but also unite, to engage more people in (environmental protection)," Vivian added. "One video conference may not reduce a significant amount of carbon emission; however, when more business meetings join in, it would make an amazing leap for a green world." According to Vivian, QTCT is planning to establish a nonprofit website to further advocate Eco-business through HD video conferencing.

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QTCT, short for Qian Tang Communications Technology Co., Ltd, is a leading provider of managed video/audio conferencing and telecom solutions in China. Dedicated to Eco-business via green technologies and with strategic partners worldwide, such as Lifesize, Polycom, Tandberg and Mirial, QTCT has been trying to deliver a wide range of virtual communication tools ranging from videoconferencing solutions to internet and telephone services at affordable prices.

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