omniture Analyzes Environmental Monitoring Instrument Market
2008-12-01 20:47 623

BEIJING, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ( ), one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports that China's pollution level remains high amid successes in putting environmental deterioration under control. As a result, the demand for modern environmental monitor instruments ( ) remains high, in particularly, there is an urgent need for high-quality automatic monitoring system and on-line consecutive monitoring system.

Rising concerns for China's environment have led to a surge in demand for the following environmental monitoring instruments:

(1) Common laboratory analytical instruments: including optical equipments such as UV-visible spectrophotometer

( ), fluorescence spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer

( ), plasma spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and infrared spectrometer; electrochemical instruments including PH meter, conductivity instrument, ion meter and so on; chromatograph equipments, including ion chromatograph and high pressure liquid chromatography

( ) and so on. All analysis laboratories and monitoring laboratory need the above equipments.

(2) Automatic monitoring system: automatic air monitoring system on the ground; environmental water quality monitoring system; on-line automatic monitoring system for industrial pollution sources ( ); road and traffic noise monitoring system. predicts that market will expand for environment quality monitors with central and local governments in China spending approximately RMB200 million on environment equipment purchase. Enterprise demand will also increase with the state enforcing 18,000 polluted enterprises to gradually install automatic on-line continuous monitoring system, including effluent monitoring systems ( ) such as sewage flow meters, auto-samplers, for PH, mineral oil, cyanide, etc., and exhaust gas monitoring systems for dust, soot, smoke S02, N02, CO and flue gases. The lack of matured instruments domestically means enterprises must turn overseas to source them. These polluting enterprises are mainly involved in electricity, petrochemicals, building materials, metallurgy, paper making, food and urban sewage treatment plants, and so on, therefore the market potential is very huge.

The need for remote sensing instruments

( ) and meters is also on the increase, with China stepping up in ecological environment monitoring for its deserts, grasslands, forests, marine systems and agricultural land to monitor air and water pollution (such as the ocean tide, oil pollution). Investments will also increase for satellite ground systems and satellite image analysis systems to analyze the quality of the environment and changing trends.

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