Hongkong Storage Launches Mobile Website

Hongkong Storage
2014-07-02 10:00 3117

HONG KONG, July 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hongkong Storage, one of the leading storage solution providers in Hong Kong, announced today that it has launched two mobile websites for its self storage ( and Concierge Storage ( business line. The mobile websites are accessible by any smartphones or tablets, which enable customers to connect with Hongkong Storage anytime, anywhere.

Screenshot of Hongkong Storage and Yes-Storage's mobile website
Screenshot of Hongkong Storage and Yes-Storage's mobile website

The mobile website provides the same information from the regular Hongkong Storage site, such as self storage facility locations, service information and contacts. With a mobile-friendly design, customer can seek out information faster and easier.

Using HTML 5 web architecture, flat UI and responsive design, the mobile websites are optimized to cope with various screen sizes. The size of images and text will adjust automatically according to device screen size, assuring the same pleasant user experience across all Android, iOS and Windows devices.

As mobile devices are gaining popularity, about 30% of customers access Hongkong Storage's website using mobile devices. With navigation designed to use with finger instead of mouse and keyboard, the mobile websites can decrease bounce rate and increase user engagement.

Bobby Chung, Chairman and Managing Director of Hongkong Storage said, "In the past, storage facilities in Hong Kong were for commercial use only, we first introduced the concept of using self storage to improve household's living quality in 1997. For decades, most self storage facilities have been running as Mom-and-pop business, we wish that by investing in technology and human capital, Hongkong Storage could grow from a SME to an enterprise. That's why we invest heavily to implement SAP as our EPR and move our marketing strategy from offline to online."

"Hongkong Storage care about customer experience from real world to the virtual online world. We created a series of Boutique Style self storage facilities to provide better storage environment. On the internet, we create user-friendly websites with quality content about storage. Our vision is to let busy city people have more time to enjoy their lives and more space to treasure what they own."

Source: Hongkong Storage