LSI Offers Optimized Low-Power Solution for Mobile Infrastructure with New Axxia Communication Processor

2011-02-22 12:40 983

ACP3423 communication processor provides integrated support for Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588 timing solutions to enable next-generation mobile networks

GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA, Spain, Feb.22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) today announced the expansion of the Axxia™ Communication Processor family with the ACP3423 communication processor, targeted at equipment such as multi-radio base stations and wireless backhaul. The Axxia Communication Processor family enables OEMs to deliver deterministic performance in wireless applications such as video streaming, web browsing and high-quality digital voice.

The ACP3423 represents the next generation of communication processors built using the LSI asymmetric multicore architecture. The ACP3423 communication processor supports Synchronous Ethernet, which is critical for high-accuracy frequency synchronization for base-station and cell-site equipment deployed in all-IP/Ethernet networks. The ACP3423 also supports IEEE1588v2 timing-over-packet timing synchronization.

“With the proliferation of mobile broadband and the move to Ethernet and IP-based backhaul, system timing has become an essential ingredient for multiplexing, switching and transmission equipment," said Joseph Byrne, senior analyst for The Linley Group. "In addition, expanding the Axxia Communication Processor family enables customers to leverage common software architecture across multiple designs, lowering costs and speeding time to market.”

Through rapid feature optimization enabled by the underlying SoC architecture, ACP3423 is projected to achieve up to 35% in power dissipation reduction as compared to the performance optimized ACP3448 while delivering up to 10Gb/s of wirespeed performance. The processor is pin and software compatible with the other members of the Axxia family and is also available in a reduced pin-count package that minimizes board space. Software compatibility across the Axxia family allows customers to leverage existing designs and minimize time-to-market for newer products. 

"This latest addition to the Axxia Communication Processor family enables OEMs to cover a wider range of applications and performance points while preserving their software investments,” said Tareq Bustami, director of multicore communication processors, Networking Components Division, LSI. “The ACP3423 communication processor features the asymmetric multicore architecture from LSI, delivering scalable SoC solutions with common, reusable software across platforms.”

The ACP3423 communication processor features two PowerPC® 476FP processor cores running up to 1.6GHz and a wide array of intelligent offload engines, including industry-leading packet classification, traffic management, security processing and deep packet inspection. The asymmetric multicore architecture at the heart of the Axxia family allows for processing huge volumes of wireless traffic through the offload engines, enabling low-latency, fast-path processing with no load on the CPU complex. The on-chip processing elements are tied together using the LSI Virtual Pipeline™ technology, which delivers deterministic performance under varying traffic loads. The ACP3423 communication processor includes one XAUI and eight SGMII ports as well as PCIe® and sRIO® interfaces.

The ACP3423 and the ACP3421 communication processors are currently available to networking OEMs. LSI will showcase the ACP3423 communication processor in hospitality suite AV64 on the Avenue at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 14 to 17. The LSI suite is located midway along the Avenue near the crosswalk between the Courtyard and Hall 8 of the exhibition.

As part of a comprehensive Multicore Done Right™ approach, the expanded LSI Axxia family provides best-in-class solutions for wireless infrastructure. Additional information on the LSI Axxia Communication Processor can be found on the LSI website at

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