Local Start-up Censpot Launches Asia's First Seamless Learning Platform

HONG KONG, Nov. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Censpot Trading Corporation Limited, a Hong Kong Science Parks' incubatee, is proud to officially launch Asia's first seamless learning platform Envision Pheromone today.

Despite rapid progression in technology in these decades, involvement of technology in the field of education is still uncommon. Ways of learning are still highly restricted whereas assessment still highly relies on labor's works. In spite of such, Censpot proposes EnVision Pheromone, the world's first seamless multiple interactive learning platform aiming at solving the problems of traditional learning.

Based on the concepts of Mobile Seamless Learning, it allows students to learn and teachers to teach seamlessly through its interactive functions of open learning, live tutoring and automatic assessment. Everyone who is interested in sharing their knowledge can upload contents onto the site and everyone can learn. In schools' contexts, teachers can also upload their desired content. Students' learning and assessment, even for essays, could also be done automatically without teachers' intervention. Their progress could also be tracked.

The concept of this product originated from one of the Directors of Censpot, Mr. Kelven Lit, who wishes to implement the popular sharing economy concept in education. "I read an article on Facebook saying that 'the world's largest taxi company has no vehicles, and the world's largest accommodation provider owns no real estate' and thought, why not create the world's largest school which has no teacher? Why does learning still have to follow the traditional way?", added the 25-year-old young entrepreneur who graduated from The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) less than two years ago. In view of this market gap, Lit, together with his three other teammates, applied for the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park's incubation program last year and officially became its incubatee in late February this year.

"We still have a long way to go", Mr. Marco CHENG, another founder added. "Technology is moving at a faster pace than everyone can expect. What we release today could be outdated tomorrow, so we will keep on moving to make it better. In the long run we plan to promote this system to remote areas in China so students can simply stay at home to learn, instead of travelling for a long distance to learn. This will be changing the ecosystem of education in China to a great extent."

EnVision Pheromone has had its pilot run in China already and has featured in a number of exhibitions and competitions, grabbing the attention of schools, investors and media including state-owned Xinhua agency.

About Censpot

Censpot Trading Corporation Limited (Censpot) is a technology start-up supported by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park's Corporation's (HKSTP) incubation program focusing on the technology and education sectors.

Censpot aims at introducing technology to the education industry in which involvement of such is still uncommon. We see the difficulties of implementing technology in the education sector but we also see the value of it. Our management's unique constituent of young programmers, landlord and senior FMCG management contribute to understanding the needs and minds of parents, while retaining creativity in our solutions as we are not confined by any stubborn experience.

Censpot aims at becoming a leading solution provider in education technology, creating a sustainable impact for the progress of society and for the betterment of human beings in the world.


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Source: Censpot Trading Corporation Limited