METRO Opens New Wholesale Store in Changsha

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CHANGSHA, China, June 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- METRO China today announced the opening of its 2nd store in Changsha, one of the most economically competitive cities in mid-west China. The store will provide more professional solutions and services to local customers through METRO's new Cash & Carry store concept.

"With a booming tourism industry and transformation to a new industrial structure, Changsha has seen a steady growth of economy in recent years. We see great potential in the local market, and are confident about expanding our business here by opening the 2nd store in the city," said Jeroen de Groot, President of METRO China. "In addition to high quality, safe and reliable product offerings, competitive pricing scheme, we are also introducing a new Cash & Cary concept, offering professional services in the store, in order to support our local customers to become even more successful in the market."

METRO first tapped into the Hunan market in 2001 with the opening of its first wholesale store in Kaifu District in Changsha. In 2014, METRO opened the Zhuzhou store. The new store in Yuelu District of Changsha is METRO's third store in Hunan province. This year, METRO will also modernize its Changsha Kaifu Store to enhance customer experience.

Seizing the opportunities in Xiangjiang New Area

Changsha is the political, economic and cultural center of Hunan Province. This year, the State Council issued an approval for establishing Xiangjiang New Area in Hunan, which will be the first national new area established in central China. With its new store located in the region, METRO has seized the opportunity to continue its expansion, while growing together with the economy of central China.

With high-quality assortments, competitive wholesale prices, and professional services, METRO Changsha Yuelu store provides highly-efficient, one-stop purchasing solutions for local customers. On the grand opening day of the new store, several local enterprises, such as Hunan Huashu Technology, and Huajiahong Property Management signed purchasing contracts with METRO.

Having established deep roots in Hunan market for years, METRO has built close relationships with Hunan local suppliers. Jinhao Teaseed Oil, Shengxiang Rice, and Liuyanghe Liquor from Hunan are very popular with METRO's customers nationwide. Meanwhile, local vegetables and fruits such as Yaoshan Pear, Yongxing Orange, Xiangxi Kiwifruit and Yanling Yellow Peaches are sold in METRO Hunan stores for local customers' selection.

Customized services in METRO Changsha Yuelu store

Conveniently located in Yuelu business center, METRO's new store covers a sales area of over 5,300 square meters, offering an assortment of nearly 20,000 items. As a leading international wholesaler, METRO provides full assortments in food departments, including excellent quality and safe foods, such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables delivered freshly to store every day, as well as dairy, dry goods, wine and liquor. On the Grand Opening day, the store holds various tasting sessions to provide customers with fantastic experience of famous domestic and imported products, and METRO's Own Brands.

The distinct feature of METRO Changsha Yuelu store is the coldness in food related display areas, as cold chain is crucial to food freshness and high quality. The store has multi-temperature areas to meet the demand of different products, such as 0°C - 4°C for fresh meat, 5°C-7°C for dairy products, etc. If customers want to walk into the cold storage areas to select products, they may borrow clean cotton-patted jackets, considerately prepared by the store for customers' convenience.

The store also sells a wide range of non-food products, including Seasonal, Kitchen, Cooking & Table, Apparel, Office & Media, and business & Home Care, satisfying customers' needs with easy product search.

To meet the needs of small independent businesses in the city, the two METRO stores in Changsha adopted a wholesale pricing scheme. On top of the already competitive shelf prices, customers will receive 5% off if they buy 3 of the same item, and up to 25% off on 6 of the same on selected items, truly buying more with better prices.

To stay relevant to professional customers, METRO Changsha Yuelu store features Cash & Carry new store concept, with elements such as METRO Cafe, Welfare & Gifting Showroom, Express Delivery, scan pole, information counter, etc. The store offers complementary Wi-Fi coverage for all customers to enjoy free internet access. The new store is also equipped with a delivery platform serving both the stationary store and METRO China's e-commerce channel, supporting the company's development of multi-channel strategy. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy a series of services, such as "Worry-Free Shopping", "Worry-Free Repair", and "Worry-Free METRO Mail", to further enhance purchasing experience.

About METRO Cash & Carry

METRO Cash & Carry is represented in 26 countries with over 750 self-service wholesale stores. With a headcount of about 117,000 employees worldwide, the wholesale company achieved sales of about Euro 31 billion in the financial year 2013/2014. METRO Cash & Carry is a sales division of METRO GROUP.  METRO GROUP is one of the largest and most important international retailing companies. In the financial year 2013/14 it generated sales of around Euro 63 billion. The company operates around 2,200 stores in 30 countries and has a headcount of around 250,000 employees. The performance of METRO GROUP is based on the strength of its sales brands that operate independently in their respective market segments: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry - the international leader in self-service wholesale - Media Markt and Saturn - the European market leader in consumer electronics retailing - Real hypermarkets and Galeria Kaufhof department stores. 

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Profile of METRO China

In 1996, METRO Cash & Carry, the international leader in self-service wholesale, opened its first wholesale store in the international metropolis of Shanghai. The company was among the first to gain permission from the China Central Government to set up chain operations in all major cities in China. Over the last decade, the company has set its foot already in 56 cities with 81 outlets in operation in China. With a headcount of over 12,000 employees, the wholesaler is serving more than 3.8 million buying customers across the country.

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