Milanoo Forges the Most Powerful Sales Platform for ACG-related Products

2013-08-15 21:00 4346

CHENGDU, China, August 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In July of 2013, global B2C themed apparel e-commerce group Milanoo officially launched, a subordinate website to focus on cosplay clothing. As Albert Feng, CEO of Milanoo, mentioned: "Through the strength of our rich marketing experience in cosplay and the strong atmosphere of cosplay , it become a certainty for to be put online as a subordinate platform, and for us to specialize for ACG-related products. We aspire to forge a comprehensive and professional marketing platform for ACG-related products across China, and to provide overseas customers with diversified choices and professional service."

Milanoo initiated the Chengdu Cartoon Costumes Factory in 2005, and since then has exported products overseas through such platforms as Yahoo Japan and TrustPass. In 2008, it launched to showcase its production line of Cosplay. Up to 2013, through eight years of exploration and experience, Milanoo has accumulated a higher capacity for supply of goods, quality control and logistics for ACG-related products, covering clothing, wigs, props, accessories and other related products used in entertainment vehicles such as Attack on Titan, Naruto, Vocaloid and Black Butler.

In addition, a rich cultural atmosphere featuring Cosplay has been in place within Milanoo. In July of 2012, Milanoo staged its first Cosplay Day activity. During this activity, all clothing and make-up for participants was provided by Milanoo, and all participants were Milanoo members who love cosplay culture. Some videos prepared on-the-spot have been uploaded to YouTube, and achieved high click rates and garnered good feedback. For 2013, the second Cosplay Day was staged on July 30, 2013.