Most Advanced Elevator Base in the World: TEDA Base of Otis Elevators Completed

TIANJIN, China, July 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- After a year of design and construction, the most advanced elevator base in the world--the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators--was completed officially in Tianjin. It is also the first green demonstration factory of Otis and its mother company, UTC, in the world. What's more, the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators has already been ranked by the Ministry of Construction of the PRC as the first "green factory" and one of the "Technical Demonstration Projects That Save Energy and Land" in 2007. Meanwhile, this base is also actively applying to the USGBC for golden authentication of LEED now.

The TEDA Base of Otis Elevators is situated in the nuclear area of TEDA and occupies a land area of 141,643 m2, including 23.02% green land. After completion, the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators will become an advanced center of elevators and related spare parts for the world and its products will serve the Chinese and overseas markets.

The first in the world and China, the green base converges the most advanced technology.

The yearly production capacity of the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators will reach 20,000 elevators and 50,000 draggers after completion. As the most advanced elevator supply base of Otis in the world, it has the most advanced control room-free technology, permanent magnet gearless technology, R&D, manufacturing and testing ability of high-level and high-speed elevators and its technologies and products will serve both the Chinese and overseas markets.

What's worth mentioning is this base is also the first green energy-saving demonstration factory of Otis in the world and its comprehensive energy consumption will be lowered by 25% with an additional investment of no more than 4-7%.

The TEDA Base of Otis Elevators focuses on leading technologies and is oriented towards R&D and manufacturing of the most advanced technologies and products such as high-tech nuclear parts and high-level and high-speed gearless elevators. Its main products will center on "green, energy-saving and high-efficient" machines in a bid to support China's sustainable development strategy and lead the development trend of the elevator industry. The TEDA Base of Otis Elevators makes full use of the powerful technological advantages of UTC and its subsidiaries and adopts the most advanced technologies in the world with respect to saving energy through architectural design, new energy resources, water conservation, developing water resources, environment-friendliness and protection and IT applications. Hence this base has become the first operational project after UTC proposed the SP-017 standard for green factories. What also has a far-reaching significance is that the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators supplies the Chinese market with advanced green products, i.e. the series of GeN2 control room-free and environment-protecting elevators and the series of sky gearless elevators produced by it.

The TEDA Base of Otis Elevators is a model of coordinated economic growth, energy saving and environmental protection.

"The completion of the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators in TEDA has far-reaching significance for Tianjin and even China's sustainable development," noted Yang Dongliang, Standing Member of the Party Committee and Vice Mayor of Tianjin. "Wide application of green technologies and energy-saving concepts will make the TEDA base a model of coordinated corporate and social development in economic growth, energy saving and environmental protection in new situations."

Li Yong, Director of the TEDA Management Committee who attended this inaugural ceremony, indicated that, as a nuclear area in the Binghai New Area, TEDA faces a historical development opportunity. It will be built into a modern manufacturer, R&D and R&D result-converting center. Therefore Otis has a strategic vision as it decided to make investments and build a new base in TEDA at this time.

As the largest elevator and escalator manufacturer and related service provider in the world, Otis has always been devoted to integrating its business into China's economic growth since it returned to China and made investments here 23 years ago. With the development of China's elevator market and the rapid growth of Otis' business in China, it is the inevitable measure of Otis to grasp the opportunity and realize growth to build a world-class "world manufacturing base" with a strong manufacturing capacity to satisfy the constantly increasing demand of the domestic and overseas markets.

Ari Bousbib, Global President and CEO of Otis stated: "We are very happy to see the eventual completion of the TEDA Base of Otis Elevators. Its completion will enable us to further realize our commitment to China and the world's sustainable development. The products of the new factory will include the green flagship products of Otis, i.e. the GeN2 environment-protecting elevator system and the gearless elevator system. This world-class factory will enable Otis to produce more green products while reducing energy consumption to as much as possible so as to help build a more beautiful green future."

Meantime, as a corporate citizen that just landed in TEDA, Otis will support the latter's cause through a green fund and devote its enthusiasm and strength to the building of an even more beautiful and harmonious Binhai New Area.

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Source: Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area
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