Najadi & Partners AG Announces Report: Is Russia really in a crisis?

2015-01-02 17:08 3091

ZUG, Switzerland, Jan. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Najadi & Partners AG announces a press report titled "Is Russia really in a crisis?", the full report is as follows:

Those who follow a majority of the Western media, the usual suspects of anti Russian propaganda, must come to believe that Russia is in a crisis and that it is only a matter of time until Vladimir Putin would be overthrown by his own people. At the same time we learn from Moscow, and no one has expressed doubts about the fact, that the Russian President is celebrated by the vast majority of his people as a reliable hero.

Mr. Pascal Najadi President of Najadi & Partners AG Swizterland© Pressoffice
Mr. Pascal Najadi President of Najadi & Partners AG Swizterland© Pressoffice

Reports emanating from the Western financial markets that a fall of the rouble as consequence of falling oil prices are the cause of a Russian economic crisis. For all those one can recommend not to draw too quickly foregone conclusions. Russia sells its oil, gas and natural resources in Euro and US dollars, thus the stability of income is saved permanently. The intermediate upset, or fall of the rouble in international financial markets has been now widely priced in. The impact of the global capital speculation against the rouble did not lead to a serious crisis, but made out of necessity a virtue to work harder to overcome a mere macro economic challenge. Russia in a crisis? Yes, from the perspective of Western capital, which will draw speculative profits from a situation that presents itself as a risk any country that does not want to dance according to the rules of Wall Street. No, from the perspective of the Russian economy and the Russian people, who are shoulder to shoulder united in support of their government. An independent sovereign government that stands firmly against NATO and a defunct and broke European Union with their illusionary visions that have royally failed in the face of economic realities. This political arm wrestling will not lead to a Russian defeat because the country has no budget deficit, unlike Western Europe and the USA where budgets are broken beyond repair. 

"Despite the EU sanctions," says Pascal Najadi, President and CEO of Najadi & Partners, Zug, Switzerland, "President Vladimir Putin is a leader who steers Russia at her own satisfactory pace in the right direction with great strength and personal dedication towards long term sustainable prosperity and peace."

Russia's mobility in foreign trade is also underestimated in the West as well as Russia's accounted and hidden reserves. The foreign trade restrictions imposed by the West have only limited effect. China, India, the states of the Persian Gulf, Africa and Latin America are not limited and are more than willing to get to work with a free Russia to maintain and deepen their already excellent reciprocal relations. The hidden reserves of Russia exceed those often mentioned 400 billion Euro by far.

It is a western legend that Russia is solely dependent on oil and gas. The metal industry has, quite as Switzerland also has always done, reinvented. Russia today is world champion in the export of arms and in space technology, where the Americans make use of the benefits of the most advanced parts of the Russian economy. The Russian mining industry is in great shape, which is why gold and diamonds are among the pillars of the Russian economy's reserves.

If you look at what is going on between Moscow and Vladivostok, you see a country that defends the idea of Europe as well as the unfit demands of a globalist world market, all this under the quite impressive leadership of President Vladimir Putin. The desire of American circles, to force Russia to her knees, to turn it into a market for consumer products of American companies, is elegantly and succinctly rejected by the Russian government and the Russian people. They prefer to live in their own Russian way, a human right one could eloquently conclude. The door between East and West is to remain open for a demanding cooperation, taking into account the interests of both sides; a one-sided dominance by the West is rejected in Moscow as an astute conviction.

Russia is neither in crisis nor will it go to her knees in front of the West. In fact, Europe's dreamt freedom is defended in reality in the Urals. And the seriousness of this noble attitude cannot be doubted.


Klaus J. Stohlker is a management consultant for public relations education in Zollikon / ZH / Switzerland

Pascal Najadi is the President of Najadi & Partners AG, Zug, Switzerland.

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