Neil Bush Visits Chinese Commodity Exchange Hbot With Cooperation in Sight

HANGZHOU, China, December 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- George Walker Bush's brother Neil Bush visited the Xinhua Zhejiang Bulk Commodity Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as "Hbot"), located in the city of Hangzhou, on December 12th and had a pleasant meeting with Hbot's president Yang Hongsen.

Neil Bush is a member of the Bush family. He is the third child of the 41st American President George Herbert Walker Bush and the brother of the 43rd American President George Walker Bush. He is an American Banker and oilman who devotes himself to communicating and facilitating cooperation between the U.S. and China.

Neil Bush asked many questions about Hbot's trading models, trading products and performance with apparent interests and gave recognition on its achievements. Neil said he is a non-political member in a very political family. He carries on his father's Chinese complex and spends most of his energy in business, so this visit was without any political purposes. Neil also said that he came to know Hbot from its index distribution program on the Phoenix TV in Hong Kong. This is the only index that distributes China's bulk commodity and stock index to the world on Phoenix TV.

Neil Bush said he is very optimistic on Hbot's future performance, because Hbot is a bright young platform with great achievements on market share and business position.

Neil Bush invited Hbot president Yang Hongsen to have breakfast on December 16th in Beijing and shared his visit to Hbot with other present members. He appreciated Hbot's hardware, trading models, risk systems and storage systems very much and showed much interest when learning that Hbot is planning to trade oil. Neil Bush said that he wanted to cooperate with Hbot and take part in the project with the final goal of realizing the China dream and the American dream.

Mr. Yang said the company wanted to cooperate with American enterprises to allocate production factors, funds and productive forces worldwide. Hbot receives powerful support from Xinhua News Agency and provincial- and municipal-level officials, but the U.S. is leading the world bulk commodity exchange field, so Hbot is willing to communicate and learn. Yang Hongsen also noted that the Bush family has made great contributions to the U.S.-China friendship. He hoped Mr. Neil Bush will provide suggestions regarding Hbot's future development and promote cooperation and communication between the U.S. and Hbot.

After the breakfast, Mr. Yang had a further talk with Mr. Neil Bush on cooperation details and agreed to meet in the U.S. for negotiations.

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Source: Xinhua Zhejiang Bulk Commodity Exchange Center