OREO 3D Art Show Highlights the Power of Sharing and Imagination with Wonderful Colors

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SHANGHAI, Dec. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- OREO, one of the world's leading biscuit brands, held a creative 3D art show with the theme of "Sharing.Imagination" on Shanghai's Riverside Avenue (Binjiang Dadao) today. A pattern of the OREO biscuit with a diameter of 10 meters occupied the center of the square, and many bright-colored 3D pictures depicting the imaginations of different consumers attracted people's attention. The world of imaginations created by OREO added a fairy-tale and dream-like touch to the beautiful city of Shanghai.

OREO "imagination" hot air balloon
OREO "imagination" hot air balloon

During the opening ceremony of the art show, Mr. Alexis Jacquand, Vice President,  Biscuit Marketing of Mondelez China, lighted up OREO' big "imagination" hot air balloon together with the authors of the stories featured in the 3D pictures, and OREO's inspiring bulbs were especially bright in the dark night. "OREO created this world of imaginations to encourage people to get rid of various stereotypes and try to see the world from kids' perspective, to better appreciate the beauty around us." said Mr. Jacquand.

Sharing wonderful OREO stories and entering the creative 3D world

With the theme of "Sharing·Imagination", all the imaginations featured at the 3D art show are from the OREO fans across the country, depicting various imagined worlds through the magic paintings of the3D artists. If you share your OREO with the Loch Ness Monster, it will take you to the deep lakebed to explore the mysterious ruins of Atlantis; if you share your OREO with an astronaut, he will fly the spaceship "OREO" to go through the "Chrono Rift" for a breathtaking space travel with you; and if you share your OREO with a superhero, his shield and weapon will instantly merge with the OREO to become much more powerful.

Such immersive scenarios attracted numerous people, including adults, children, and even foreigners. To offer better interactive experiences for the visitors, OREO also provided photo printers during the show and encouraged people to take photos offline and share them with others online, to bring the OREO "Wonderfilled" world to more people. Some visitors also used their imagination to the full, to take photos and interact with the 3D pictures in different gestures and expressions. For example, a mother who attended the show with her child said: "Every 3D picture tells a very interesting story. My kid is very happy to see such pictures and I myself also have drawn a lot of inspiration from them. They remind me to remain childish at heart and imagine the colorful world like a child!"

The authors of the stories featured in the creative 3D pictures were also invited to the show to share their inspirations unleashed by OREO. When mentioning why Loch Ness Monster was featured in the story, illustrator Li Chuanjun said: "OREO to some extent witnessed the growing of people in our generation. It gives you happiness no matter you share it with others or enjoy it alone. I want to share this happiness with Loch Ness Monster. I think it will love the delicious OREO just as I do and then take me to explore the secrets deep in the lake." Zhao Junheng, an 8-year-old boy, also told the superhero story excitedly. He said: "I think OREO can become an ultimate weapon or a fuel rod, to help the superhero defeat the bad guys."

Unleashing inspiration and forming a "Wonderfilled" trend

Since the MTV commercial first sung by Gary Cao for OREO was aired in mid-September, its cheerful rhythm has inspired numerous consumers. Statistics show that more than 40,000 consumers have participated in the "Wonderfilled"-related activities in the past three months. Online, many people tried to remake the theme song and write lyrics for musical e-cards; offline, the "shop-in-shop" design in all the stores and stands selling or displaying OREO products also attracted numerous consumers, and many of them even sent various creative ideas to the official mailbox for OREO's "Wonderfilled" hot air balloon ride. The power of sharing will help open up everyone's inherent curiosity and imagination, and make them feel that, in this world of imaginations, life has many wonderful possibilities for childhood happiness.

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