Perfect World Hosts Officials from General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China

Company's Achievements in Self-developed Games and International Expansion are Recognized

BEIJING, Nov. 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“PW Network” or “the Company”) today announced that it hosted the Deputy Administrator of General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China (“GAPP”), Mr. Sun Shoushan, the Director of Bureau of Planning & Finance of GAPP, Mr. Sun Ming, the Deputy Director of the General Office, Mr. Xue Songyan, the Deputy Director of Administrative Department of Electronic Audio/Visual and Internet Publications of GAPP, Mr. Kou Xiaowei, and several other government officials on November 23, 2007. Mr. Chi Yufeng, Chief Executive Officer of PW Network welcomed the officials and conducted a company tour to demonstrate the Company’s achievements.

During the visit, Mr. Chi showed the officials the domestic and international awards won by the Company in recent years, the R&D department, operation department, the Company’s recent developments, the Company’s achievements in overseas licensing markets, and upcoming games: “Chi Bi” and “Hot Dance Party”. Mr. Sun demonstrated great interest in the R&D Department, and had an in-depth discussion with Mr. He Di, Chief Technology Officer of PW Network and couple planning and designing employees, who are from America, and made some valuable suggestions.

“I am very impressed by PW Network’s achievements, especially in overseas licensing markets and its vision,” said Mr. Sun Shoushan, Deputy Administrator of GAPP, “PW Network sets a good example for other domestic online game developers and operators on how to promote and operate in overseas markets. I hope the Company can keep its momentum and be a role model for promoting domestic online games to the World.”

“I believe PW Network’s success is largely due to its powerful technology capabilities and game development platform,” Mr. Sun continued, “As one of the best 3D online game service providers in China, the Company’s approach of incorporating traditional Chinese culture into online games has delivered a successful track record. I hope that the Company will increase its investment in R&D, focus more on protecting its own intellectual property rights, and contribute more to the development of China’s domestic online game industry by providing necessary assistance to other domestic online game providers.”

“As a leading original online game provider of China, the Company will consistently comply with the regulations of government departments and ministries and provisions of GAPP,” said Mr. Chi Yufeng, Chief Executive Officer of PW Network, “We will keep strengthening our technology capabilities while maintain a strong motivation to produce more self-developed online games. We will keep our commitment to promote Chinese culture with our quality online interactive entertainment products, conduct high-level marketing campaigns, and help Chinese culture reach every corner of the world through our online games.”

About Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd (“PW Network” or “the Company”) is a leading integrated online game service provider focused on developing, operating, marketing and servicing online games. The Company primarily focuses on developing high-quality interactive entertainment products and building a highly recognized brand name in China. With talented professionals, a strong management team, powerful technological capabilities and extensive marketing and operational experience, the Company is committed to continuously improving its brands, expanding overseas, and introducing Chinese interactive entertainment products to the world.


All of the Company’s products have been designed and developed with care, and a singular focus of providing players with an unparalleled online experience.


Perfect World is a 3D online adventure game that was created in a highly imaginative fantasy world.

“Creating a world, enjoying it to the fullest!”


Perfect World II is a highly accessible international version based on the original Perfect World game. It allows players from different countries to simultaneously enjoy the charming and enchanting world of the Chinese online game.

“Experience the feeling, and the world will be with you!”


In cooperation with a popular TV drama, Legend of Martial Arts is an innovative online 3D cartoon style knight-errant comedy game that was launched in 2006. The game was designed based on the same titled popular TV comedy and takes place in traditional Chinese setting.

“Enjoying the unexpected!”


Zhu Xian is an online fantasy game that was launched in 2007 and is based on an extremely popular internet novel of the same name. The game allows players to experience a truly visionary world and has become one of the most popular fantasy-based online games in China.

“Loves shake the heaven and Zhu Xian reemerges!”

CHI BI ( )

Chi Bi is a highly anticipated three kingdoms epic online game that is expected to be launched soon. It was named the “Top 10 Most Anticipated Online Games by Game Players” in November, 2007 by ChinaJoy Jin Ling Award. The game is based on the history of the Three Kingdoms in China and allows players to revisit with the famous “Burning Chi Bi”.

Source: Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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