Portable Innovate 2011: Innovation Drives Explosive Growth of Portable Devices

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- "This changes everything, again." The large AD for the iPhone4 tells us this world was changed by apple, by innovation, and by portable technology. Thirty years ago, no one had any idea that huge computers would become portable. Twenty years ago, no one had any idea that mobile phones would be everywhere. Ten years ago, no one would have believed that smart phones could have the functionality of a computer. In the last several years, led by the iPhone, iPad, mobile Internet and cloud computing, an innovation explosion has triggered the launch of many new portable electronic devices that are changing every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional.

While changing the world, innovation in portable devices has also created a huge market for MEMS, AMOLED, multi-touch and sensing technologies, while also creating opportunities for traditional technologies. In order to give industry professionals a closer look at the latest mobile innovations, Creativity Convention & Exhibition will host "Portable Innovate 2011", July 14-15 at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The event will showcase mobile phones, tablet computers, e-readers, other new mobile technologies, materials and methods, including: turnkey solutions, key components, multi-touch and new display technologies, MEMS, power management, industrial design, and software applications. The expo will be co-located with the Portable Design & Power Management 2011 (PDPM2011), China Mobile Design Innovate 2011, Mobile Handset Display 2011, ID Salon and other events, to display the full range of possibilities for mobile devices.

The source of innovation: 3G/4G, mobile Internet, cloud computing

Thanks to 3G/4G, mobile Internet and cloud computing, future electronic devices may all use a different operating system and user interface but still be able to access cloud-based content and applications anywhere, anytime. At the same time, these devices may also include user recognition and GPS capabilities. The difference in the devices may likely rest solely in the output - the human machine interface. Smart phones are using 2-4 inch displays, mobile internet devices: 5-7 inches, Internet tablets and tablet computers: 7-11 inches, and notebook computers and smart docks: 11-19 inches. Mini projectors will be integrated into more and more portable devices. On the input side, different keypad designs, mice, touch screens, touch panels and joysticks will make increasingly better use of ergonometric designs.

As these mobile devices will become ubiquitous, they will become natural extensions of our digital lives in the office, home, while commuting and outdoors, filling our needs for entertainment, productivity and socialization. For traditional electronics suppliers, the new device sizes and interfaces will present a challenge that requires a shift in mindset and the willingness to try new design concepts. A key focus of the expo will be to learn from product displays and exchange of ideas.     And, as everyone knows, the ability to design the coolest and most useful devices can lead to the astronomical success of a new product.

Portable Innovate 2011, building the foundations for innovation in China

At the recently concluded CES2011, smart phones, tablet computers, mobile Internet devices, smart docks and other portable devices took center stage. Many of these devices are already, or will soon be, in production in China.

According to data from major market research firms, the output of mobile phones reached approximately 1.3 billion units in 2010. More than 400 million of these were made in China. Output of notebook computers was 200 million units, of which 150 million were made in China. This huge market size is the driving force behind the throng of device makers and Portable Innovate 2011. At Creativity Annual Talk 2011 for the electronics industry, Mr. Xiang Li Gang and others voiced their praise for Motorola's Atrix smart dock. Portable Innovate 2011 will feature similar and even better product solutions.

With its focus on portable electronics, this inaugural technology expo will give visitors the opportunity to meet with the top companies and leaders from the industry. Senior executives from leading portable device makers have been invited to give insights on revolutionary mobile phones and services. At the concurrent Portable Design & Power Management 2011, China Mobile Design Innovate 2011, Mobile Handset Display 2011, and ID Salon, operators, analysts and leading enterprises will share their views on the mobile phone, tablet computer and mobile Internet device markets. Speakers will discuss portable devices and cloud computing, open source systems and mobile device trends. Also to be covered are design considerations for different device sizes, integrated power management, PK discrete power management, achieving longer standby times, emphasis on the user experience, multi-touch development, mobile display technology applications and other topics.

The development of cloud computing and the mobile Internet has brought about the explosive growth of smart phones, wireless devices and other portable electronics. In a recent speech, International Telecommunication Union Secretary-General Dr Hamadoun Toure said, "At the beginning of the year 2000, there were 500 million mobile cellular subscriptions globally and 280 million people around the world used the Internet. By the beginning of this year, those numbers have mushroomed to over 5 billion mobile subscriptions and more than 2 billion Internet users." To this end, Portable Innovate 2011 will showcase the latest in portable devices and technology, such as faster CPU/DSP/MCU/AP, radio frequency, power sources, new display technology, smaller more efficient components, precision manufacturing equipment, software/hardware integration, human machine interface, and various components. The director of the expo organizing committee said, "This event will attract managers, design engineers and purchasing executives from the portable device industry. We hope the specialized nature of the event will inspire the industry and allow attendees to find better solutions that allow their products to step up to the next level."

About Portable Innovate 2011

Portable Innovate 2011 is a comprehensive showcase of new design, materials and manufacturing techniques for portable devices. The event is an extension of the Portable Design & Power Management (PDPM) launched seven years ago by Creativity Convention & Exhibition, as well as the Mobile Handset Display, China Mobile Design Innovate, and other well-known industry events.

About Creativity Convention & Exhibition

Creativity Convention & Exhibition is China's leading information provider for the electronics industry and organizer of events including China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON, Portable Innovate, China Int'l Medical Electronics Tech (CMET), China Mobile Manufacture Forum (CMMF), MCU!MCU!, and others. The company serves the needs of the global electronics industry, backed by rich experience in organizing events and connections with a large community of industry professionals.

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