QSL Announces Dr. Yang Guang as Company Partner

QSL Sports Limited
2010-05-01 03:53 1878

BEIJING, May 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China-QSL Sports Limited (QSL) is pleased to announce today that Dr. Yang Guang will become a partner of Mr. Kenny Huang to jointly promote QSL's investment in China's National Basketball League (NBL) as well as the Company's effort to develop the China Youth Baseball League. QSL's other founding partner Mr. Adrian Cheng has decided to leave QSL with effect from April 24, 2010 to focus on his other business and commitments.

QSL is a private company co-founded by Huang and Cheng last year, serving as an investment platform to capture business opportunities in sports in China.

The Company began its first project in China sports when it signed in June 2009 an exclusive 15-year contract with the Chinese Baseball Association to manage CYBL, China Youth Baseball League. Earlier in February this year, QSL announced its investment in the NBL and the signing of an exclusive contract to promote, reform and manage NBL in collaboration with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Mr. Huang said, "We are delighted to have Dr. Yang on board. His proven track record, expertise in investment as well as depth of knowledge and understanding of both the China and international markets can certainly help accelerate QSL's development."

Dr. Yang is the Executive Vice President of Franklin Templeton Investments, one of the largest investment fund groups globally. Dr Yang has started investing in the Americas, Europe and Asia since the early 90s. Recently he was recognized as one of 80 Chinese leaders in the finance sector globally by Management World published by the Research Centre of the State Council of China.

Dr. Yang received his Ph.D from the Australian National University, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor's degree from the University of Science and Technology in China.

QSL co-founder Mr. Adrian Cheng will no longer be involved in QSL's businesses and development and its related charitable foundations. QSL will now be 100% owned by Mr. Kenny Huang.

"It's a pity that Adrian has to leave QSL. We have made great strides during our brief partnership since the founding of QSL. His contribution is invaluable to the future growth of QSL. Though we are no longer partners, our friendship remains," said Mr. Huang.

Dr. Yang will take on the role of advising QSL in its development of the NBL franchise and how to bring more international elements into the Chinese basketball league and further expand QSL as a platform for sports-related investment.

Source: QSL Sports Limited