SENSORO Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership With WIFIPIX

2016-01-11 22:00 2591

SEATTLE, January 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- After a long-term joint exploration in scenarized smart sensors, Sensoro and WIFIPIX announced an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement on January 7, 2016. The two sides will conduct wide-ranging cooperation in several fields, including commercial customer service, data analysis and commercial scenic perception service. The cooperation aims to provide competitive service for companies planning to enter the Chinese market.

WIFIPIX is the largest big data service provider in China devoted to offline Wi-Fi IntelliSense probe and precision marketing, with an accumulation of 25,000 offline consumer brands using its service and more than 120 million consumer flow data collected daily. Clients of WIFIPIX in the past 3 years include more than 100 top shopping malls in China and more than a dozen top enterprises in the real estate, retailing and catering industries.

Sensoro is the world's leading smart sensor network operator with clients across 51 countries. In the iBeacon field, Sensoro is one of the top 3 Bluetooth beacon operators in the world, whose beacon products have been deployed in more than 30,000 retail stores. The company also provides in-depth data processing services, combining social network with beacon.

Lin Zhipeng, WIFIPIX's founder, said that, under the premise of protecting customer privacy, scenic behavior perception, prediction and interaction, as well as multi-level big data services are the future, which will bring more sustainable business value to enterprise customers.

Wu Nan, Sensoro's senior vice president, said the cooperation would greatly broaden offline scenarized awareness application areas and significantly enhance the competitiveness of its clients.

WIFIPIX and SENSORO plan to complete the upgrade of their platforms in the spring of 2016, upon which Sensoro will also be able to upgrade the platforms currently used by thousands of retail stores in China, utilizing WIFIPIX's accumulated big data of customer flow. At the same time, with the help of Sensoro's in-depth integration of low energy commercial beacon products and global customer resources, WIFIPIX will be able to expand the use of scenic customer perception and scenic interaction, as well as provide more effective real-time data analysis technologies.

WIFIPIX and SENSORO plan to jointly release the world's first innovative perception base station, a very important product, in the spring of 2016, which is expected to revolutionize the perceptive technology. This move will undoubtedly forge a powerful business weapon for traditional industries.

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