SENSORO's Security Service System Plays Key Role in Mitigating Disasters

2019-08-08 00:56 1540

BEIJING, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The proprietary intelligent remote security early-warning service system from SENSORO Co., Ltd. recently played a key role in saving lives when coping with a gas explosion and subsequent fire in China's capital city of Beijing. Through a collaborative emergency response that leveraged remote early-warning technology based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ability of the resident security service team to respond instantaneously, the SENSORO security early-warning platform was a key factor in mitigating the effects of the disaster. As a result, serious casualties were avoided and the likelihood of other negative consequences were vastly reduced during the course of the emergency. 

Sensero's security service system
Sensero's security service system

"Seconds-level" identification -- rapid sensor alarm response saves lives in a moment of crisis

The accident occurred in Feijiacun village in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Feijiacun village, a typical urban neighborhood, is just outside the Fifth Ring Road in the northeast quadrant of Beijing, where a full set up of SENSORO's security service had been implemented. The area with an agglomeration of mixed-used housing is densely populated, heightening the hidden dangers when it comes to the inhabitants' use of fire and electricity. Should an accident occur, the likelihood of numerous deaths and injuries is high.

The explosion occurred at precisely 05:06:38 on July 31, when an alert indicating a major event lit up SENSORO's security service platform in Feijiacun village. At 05:06:39, a mere second later, the SENSORO's security service duty officer stationed onsite was informed and rushed immediately to the scene. Additional personnel arrived at the site of the incident within minutes and started dealing with the emergency, contacting the local hospital, fire department and other government authorities so that the needed resources could be immediately deployed.

A gas leak took place in a tenant's home just as the tenant had turned on the stove to start cooking, triggering the subsequent combustion and explosion. A large amount of smoke released by the explosion set off the security alert on the SENSORO platform, delivering an "early warning" alert across the entire security system within one second and allowing for the rapid formation of the coalition emergency response team. For the area's residents, it is the godsend that saved multiple lives.

"Early-warning" prevention and control -- SENSORO's "Seconds-level" identification provides full security network coverage

How does the technology behind IoT deliver security solutions that truly save lives? When the cataclysmic event takes place, the hand-size SENSORO sensor, a wireless piece of equipment, can quickly sense risk factors such as smoke, combustible gases, electrical failures and the like in the environment, achieving what is referred to as a "Seconds-level" identification and notifying in the shortest amount of time possible all relevant responsible persons of the likelihood that a calamitous event may have just taken place. At the same time, the on-the-ground safety service team responds, setting up a link with emergency, fire and other departments involved in dealing with hazardous situations to vastly minimize the amount of time before rescue operations start, with the goal of being able to deliver rescue personnel to the scene of an accident in no more than three minutes at all times. In this case, casualties and other losses were enormously reduced as a result of the "Seconds-level" identification provided by the SENSORO early-warning service system, as well as the timely arrival and positioning of the necessary security service personnel.

The SENSORO security early-warning system resolves the pain point around the fact that traditional fire control cannot connect to the network remotely nor send out the alarm quickly. For an area fraught with hidden dangers such as Feijiacun village, the system can provide very wide security network coverage backed by a 7/24 uninterrupted security early-warning service. Due to the early warning features that are put into play before a calamitous event begins to rage out of control, a budding disaster can be controlled at the early stages, sparing lives and property.

Hidden dangers are always present and disasters are bound to occur from time to time, so it behooves every community to invest in early-warning, prevention and control rather than deal with an emergency that can easily spiral out of control once the catalytic event has taken place. By July 2019, SENSORO's security early-warning service had successfully provided early warning alerts for 7,846 fire-related events in the village, detecting and allowing for early resolution of 8 real fires that had just ignited, and, on several occasions, assisted the Beijing police in avoiding what could have become a multiple-alarm crisis.

SENSORO, an international IoT technology service provider, has successfully developed a complete set of end-to-end security early-warning service systems from chip, sensor, communication base station to cloud platform. Based on IoT, big data and geographical positioning information technologies, the company has rolled out a complete lineup of stable and mature early-warning security services, which have been deployed in 98 cities across 23 provinces in China. The system has successfully provided early-warning alerts for more than 90,000 incidents, serving as a good assistant that mitigates risk in densely populated urban areas.

Strengthening early-warning prevention and control and improving safety awareness can effectively help the population at large deal with risks. It goes without saying that each and every person needs to educate themselves as to the safe use of fire and gas. SENSORO has been, is and will continue to be dedicated to the protection of life and property via the deployment of IoT technologies.

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