SETAR Deploys Acision Charging Engine to Enable Breakthrough Hybrid Charging Plans

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2010-12-01 05:04 773

PLANO, Texas, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --

- Acision to Power First Post-paid / Pre-paid Hybrid Charging Deployment of its Kind, Enabling Subsidization of Mobile Handsets and Elimination of 'Bill Shock'

Acision, a world leader in mobile data, today announced that SETAR, Aruba's national telecommunications provider, has deployed Acision Charging Engine as its mobile charging platform, enabling SETAR to offer breakthrough hybrid charging plans to its subscribers. Using a post-paid and pre-paid billing model, the deployment of Acision Charging Engine will enable account holders to sign up for a post-paid plan providing an affordable set monthly spending limit. Once this limit is reached, the mobile user is notified and then has the option to continue to use their services by performing a pre-paid top up.

By deploying this hybrid post-paid / pre-paid plan, SETAR seeks to gain a competitive advantage in the region by addressing the concerns of subscribers looking to control spending limits while also avoiding "bill shock", which can cause customer churn. As the solution will provide a contractual pricing plan, this will enable SETAR to subsidize the costs of handsets, offering subscribers access to new smart devices and services.

"By using the Acision Charging Engine platform, SETAR will be able to uniquely meet the needs of our subscribers by providing advanced wireless services with controlled billing," said Z. Roland Croes, Director, SETAR. "Users of the SETAR hybrid plan will have the ability to extend their usage beyond the preset limits via the use of standard top-up methods and the purchase of service bundles, therefore eliminating bill shock."

"As mobile usage continues to grow, operators around the world are looking for real-time rating and charging solutions to gain a competitive advantage, boost subscriber levels and Quality of Experience, as well as prevent issues such as 'bill shock' and churn. With the deployment of Acision Charging Engine, SETAR continues to illustrate their steadfast commitment to the subscriber experience," said Chris Jenkins, EVP Mobile Data Charging, Acision. "Our partnership with SETAR is yet another example of how Acision collaborates with service providers around the world to address challenges with innovative mobile data solutions which gives them the competitive edge.

"By providing a more transparent pricing model and enabling a level of flexibility around mobile spending, SETAR is empowering its customers by giving them more control over their spend limits, with the added choice to top up once their agreed spend limit is reached. This approach puts the subscriber in control, thereby eliminating fear of 'bill shock', reducing churn and encouraging greater uptake of services. The Acision Charging Engine is win-win solution for both operators and their subscribers," continued Jenkins.

Acision Charging Engine - part of Acision's Mobile Data Charging solutions - is a real-time rating and charging engine that enables operators to provide billing transparency to users, whatever the service or payment method. Acision Charging Engine enables users to build their own tariff plans and control their spend through notifications which inform them when they are close to exceeding their spend limit, as well as offering the flexibility to extend their limit or top up on demand. Acision Charging Engine is a cost effective solution that operators can deploy alongside their existing billing platforms, in order to add flexibility and enable additional functionality not possible with existing billing infrastructure. For additional information about Acision's Mobile Data Charging solutions, please visit:

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About SETAR N.V.

SETAR N.V. is Aruba's national telecommunication provider and the principal telecommunication company on the island. SETAR N.V. provides solutions for Fixed line, Mobile, Internet and Data. The company's cellular communications infrastructure offers both GSM and TDMA services.

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