Scandinavian Rail Pass Brought Under Eurail Umbrella

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Expanded Eurail Pass Range Benefits Visitors to Scandinavia

UTRECHT, Netherlands, Jan. 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- The Eurail Group is giving more options to travellers wanting to explore the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavia has long been a popular tourist destination for overseas visitors with numbers increasing steadily; in 2006 there were over seven hundred thousand visitors from the United States alone. Now through a new selection of offerings, Eurail passengers can travel throughout the region's excellent rail systems using just a single pass.

On January 1st, Eurail introduced the Eurail Scandinavia Pass to its vast array of rail packages (replacing the former ScanRail Pass). The pass enables unlimited 2nd class rail travel in all four participating countries and is available throughout a range of validity periods. Discounts are offered to groups of two or more and to young people under the age of 26. Prices start from just 50 euros a day for a four-day Saver Pass.

Eurail's global network of sales agents makes the pass widely available around the world, and assists travellers in purchasing packages prior to their departure to Europe. Therefore passes can be conveniently bought using local currency, saving the time and stress of buying a series of tickets upon arrival.

Eurail's new Scandinavian packages also allow flexibility for different itineraries and country combinations. Those wanting to visit only one or two Scandinavian countries can choose among the Finland-Sweden, Denmark-Sweden and Norway-Sweden options. Additionally, the Norway and Sweden One Country Passes have been adjusted in line with many other Eurail Passes and now offer "Saver" discounts in 2nd class for groups of 2-5 travellers.

Trains in Scandinavia are modern, comfortable and reliable. High speed trains such as Sweden's X2000 and Finland's Pendolino whisk travellers from city to city, while slower scenic routes, like the Bergen Railway in Norway, wind through mountain tunnels and across bridges providing continuous panoramas of unspoiled scenic beauty. Although each country's railway is operated by its own company, cross border connections are easy and efficient. Travelling from Oslo to Stockholm takes just over six hours, while Stockholm to Copenhagen is about a five hour journey. Connections between Helsinki and Stockholm are made possible by ship, operated by Tallink Silja Oy, which gives all Eurail Pass holders a 50% reduction on the full fare of the crossing.

In addition to its Scandinavian packages, the Eurail Group offers a wide range of passes from single country options to the classic Eurail Global Pass, valid in 20 countries. For more information about the Eurail Group, go to Eurail Passes are currently available from the direct sales website,, and all sales agents worldwide; ACP Rail International (; Flight Centre (;; Rail Europe 4A ( and STA Travel (

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