Silicon Valley - Xi'an 2010: Explore Opportunities with China's Emerging Hi-tech Hub

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    SILICON VALLEY, Calif. and XI'AN, China, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- BeyondSoft cordially invites you to join them at the forum of "Silicon Valley - Xi'an 2010: Explore Opportunities with China's Emerging Hi-tech Hub" on September 17, 2010 from 2:30 pm - 4:40 pm! VIP reception is provided.

    Designed to further enhance the economic cooperation between Xi'an of China and the US, this event aims at facilitating the favorable investment climate of Xi'an city and showing the image of the key hi-tech enterprises and industries. It will begin with introductions by Mr. Huang Haiqing, Vice Mayor of Xi'an, followed by a speech from Mr. Li Zhijun, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Commerce, sharing information about the region's advances and advantages as well as identifying business opportunities for investment and outsourcing. There will also be presentations tailored for Silicon Valley enterprises and organizations. Executives and senior officers of renowned
hi-tech enterprises, specializing in finance, IT outsourcing, mobile application development and wireless applications, will share their observations regarding how to explore China's hi-tech markets, and how to carry out industrial cooperation between Xi'an and the US. An interactive information session among Xi'an delegation, local enterprises and the media will also be available, while the forum will conclude with a reception party.

    This event is hosted by the Xi'an Municipal People's Government of China and co-hosted by BeyondSoft Consulting Inc., BeyondSoft Group's branch Office based in Silicon Valley that provides consulting, onsite staffing, and training services in areas of Android and iPhone applications.

    Specifics are as follows:

    WHO:   Vice Mayor of Xi'an meet with Silicon Valley Executives

    WHERE: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara California USA

    WHEN:  September 17, 2010 | 2:30pm - 4:40pm

    Speakers Biography

    Mr. Huang Haiqing, Vice Mayor of Xi'an, Ph.D. in Finance

    Mr. Huang Haiqing worked at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of Shanghai. Currently he is in charge of finance, national taxes, local taxes and investment work, etc.

    Mr. Li Zhijun, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Commerce of Xi'an, Ph.D. in Economics

    Experienced in attracting foreign direct investment for 18 years, Mr. Huang Haiqing is familiar with international and domestic investment trends and policies. Currently he is responsible for the investment promotion of foreign direct investment and investment in outsourcing industry in Xi'an.

    Xi'an Background

    Xi'an is one of China's most progressive regions, playing a key role in China's hi-tech market. It has a strong scientific strength & advanced higher education. There are 42 colleges and universities, 524 large- and medium-sized scientific and technological research and development establishments in Xi'an. Of these, over 30 are the largest ones in China in terms of their professional capacities, and these have 55 state-level labs and 380,000 professionals. Xi'an ranks the third after Beijing and Shanghai in terms of comprehensive scientific and technological strength in China, and number one among the medium and large cities in terms of density of technicians. The Chinese first computer, passenger airplane, IC board, and high speed color CRT camera were all developed in Xi'an. In addition, every year in Xi'an, over 1,500 scientific and technological results are generated and certified, many of which take the lead in China and some of them have achieved the advanced international level. As one of China's four software exploitation and export cities, Xi'an has formed the six main services projects including software exploits and processing, BPO, R&D, software application, engineering software outsourcing and call center services in Europe, the US, Japan and Taiwan. A great many multinational corporations have established laboratories in Xi'an, such as Huawei, Intel, ZTE, Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Oracle, etc.

    About BeyondSoft Consulting Inc.

    BeyondSoft Consulting, Inc., as a part of BeyondSoft Group, was formed to provide consulting, onsite staffing, and training services in areas of Android and iPhone applications. It is dedicated to providing expert solutions through identifying, recruiting and selecting the best mobile developers specializing in areas of Android and iPhone, for either contract or permanent positions. Leveraging their proven project management methodologies and expertise in the mobile (Smartphone) industry, BeyondSoft Consulting is qualified to offer professional staffing, training, consulting services and help clients accelerate their mobile-related businesses.

    Event Agenda:


    -- Xi'an Municipal Government


    -- Bureau of Commerce of Xi'an Municipal Government
    -- Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau
    -- Xi'an High-Tech Industries Development Zone
    -- Xi'an Economic Development Zone


    -- Silicon Valley Chinese Engineering Association
    -- BeyondSoft Consulting Inc.
    -- Silicon Valley Shaanxi Association
    -- Silicon Valley Wireless Technology Association
    -- American Chambers of Commerce
    -- BeyondSoft (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.


    -- Consulate General of People's Republic of China; San Francisco office


    -- All members of Xi'an Delegation
    -- Representatives from Consulate General in San Francisco of the People's
       Republic of China
    -- Representatives from American Trade Association
    -- Representatives from well-known American IT enterprises


    -- 14:30-15:00   Registration(30mins)
    -- 15:00-15:10   Opening remarks by Mr. Huang Haiqing, the Vice Mayor of   
    -- 15:10-15:20   Speech by Commercial counselor from Chinese Consulate
                     General in San Francisco(10mins)
    -- 15:20-15:30   Speech by Mr. Li zhijun, Deputy Director General of 
                     Bureau of Commerce of Xi'an Municipal Government (10mins)
    -- 15:30-15:35   Introduction of investment environment in Xi'an Hi-tech
                     Industrial Development Zone (5mins)
    -- 15:35-15:40   Introduction of investment environment in Xi'an Economic
                     Development Zone (5mins)
    -- 15:40-15:45   Speech by the deputy of Xi'an Broadcom International
                     Software Co., Ltd. (5mins)
    -- 15:45-15:50   Speech by the deputy of Huatek Software Engineering Co.,
                     Ltd. (5mins)
    -- 15:50-15:55   Speech by the deputy of Xi'an Huamei Soft Co., Ltd.
    -- 15:55-16:00   Speech by the deputy of American Industry Association
    -- 16:00-16:05   Speech by the deputy of American companies(5mins)
    -- 16:05-16:20   Q&A(15mins)
    -- 16:20-16:40   Reception (20mins)
Source: BeyondSoft Consulting Inc.