TCL Steps Up "Double +" Strategy and Builds O2O Platform

TCL Multimedia debuts T2, the world's first specialized double-screen game platform and game console

HONG KONG, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL Corporation ("TCL Corp", Shenzhen Stock Exchange stock code: 000100.SZ), TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited ("TCL Multimedia", HKSE stock code: 01070), and TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited ("TCL Communication", HKSE stock code: 02618) jointly held "TCL 2014 Spring Product Show ALL 4 U" in Shenzhen today.

Debuted in the Spring Product Show was a range of the latest smart Internet products and service platforms for spring from TCL Corp, TCL Multimedia, and TCL Communication. They included a specialized game platform, a game console, a high-resolution video conferencing system, the latest 4G handsets, smartphones featuring Meme Da, which is a function for socializing, smart connection devices, as well as healthy smart air conditioners and smart air purifiers for households. The most eye-catching product was T2, which is the world's first specialized double-screen game platform and a game console launched by TCL Multimedia. The game platform is also the first of its kind in the world to be operated on a television set. In the future, the game platform will be fully installed in the TCL iQIYI TV+ series products that include A71, E5700, and E6700. Other new products also showcased at the show were QLED TV, UHD curved-panel TV, and 4K Ultra High-definition Naked Eye 3D TV. Meanwhile, TCL Corp announced its plan to start an online-to-offline (O2O) platform and to build up its contents with an aim of establishing a smart industry ecosystem as part of its strategic transformation.

Mr. Hao Yi, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia, said, "After the launch of a video platform last year, we unveiled the game platform today. In the future, we will subsequently launch an education platform and lifestyle platform. These moves will enable us to provide a comprehensive entertainment solution for users with our principle of "this is how entertainment should be." Our aim is to develop TCL Multimedia into a global entertainment technology enterprise. In addition, TCL Multimedia will not only join forces with TCL Communication to launch new products such as high-definition video-conferencing systems for use in offices or at home, it will also develop over-the-top (OTT) smartbox business. Furthermore, it will accelerate the development of the high-end home theatre system IMAX and its global broadcasting business to expedite its business transformation."

Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL Corporation, said, "TCL will spare no effort to forge ahead with the strategic transformation by combining intelligence and Internet and by adopting a business model of "products + services." The "Double +" strategy is user-oriented and seeks to promote innovation in products and applications, which driven by the market needs and user experiences with smart technologies, broadband Internet, big data, and cloud computing. On the other hand, the strategy is aimed at bringing exquisite experience to users through various smart products and service platforms. The "Double +" transformation strategy will help enhance TCL's core competency and will facilitate its development into a leading global consumer electronic enterprise in the new age of smart technologies."

Source: TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited